Sports & Crypto: Messi Signs Deal With Socios 

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Messi signs a million-dollar deal with Socios
  • He will promote the company in the Qatar World Cup. 

The sports and the gaming community has recently upped their game to promote crypto. The OG sports personalities and the giant gaming companies are joining hands with crypto firms in an attempt to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. 

After NFL quarterback Tom Brady and NBA LeBron James, Lionel Messi has stepped into the world of crypto. Reuters has disclosed that the football legend has signed a $20 million deal with, a digital fan token company. He will be the firm’s brand ambassador for the next three years. However, the payment for the same will not be in digital currencies. 

Earlier this year, Brady acquired an equity stake in a crypto exchange platform FTX Trading Ltd. Though this deal was not disclosed, he became the company’s ambassador. Similarly, Lebron James also signed a multi-year partnership deal with

It is not the first sports tie-up for Socios. It has signed deals with over 130 organizations, including famous ones like PSG, Barcelona, Juventus, and Manchester City. This deal with Messi will use his payment in crypto during the move from Barcelona as a publicity and promotion move for the upcoming Qatar World Cup in November. 

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