South Korean Broadcaster KBS Opens Metaverse for 2022 Elections

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Key Takeaways: 

  • KBS has built a replica of its news studio on Zepeto.  
  • Visitors will get to explore the broadcaster’s studio. 
  • Crypto emerges as a presidential campaign issue in South Korea. 
  • Candidate Lee Jae-Myung is supporting the technology. 
South Korean Broadcaster Kbs Opens Metaverse For 2022 Elections
South Korean Broadcaster KBS Opens Metaverse for 2022 Elections

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), the national public broadcaster of South Korea, has reconstructed its Seoul Studio on Naver’s Zepeto Metaverse. The initiative is to assist the upcoming presidential election on March 9. 

Zepeto, a metaverse platform, is the latest product of South Korea’s Snow Corporation, whose parent company is internet giant Naver and has users from almost all international countries. According to the latest report, 90% of Zepeto’s 250 million users are overseas. Other statistics reveal that 80% of its users are teenagers. Lee Jae-Myung, a Democratic party candidate, supports the technology to influence the millennials and Gen-Z voters.

The recreational setup by Zepeto will allow visitors to experience the broadcaster’s news studio and stage setup in a virtual world. They will also get to explore the historic halls, take quizzes related to the election, and even click pictures. 

South Korea is known to have the highest crypto adoption rates and is now making it emerge as the new presidential campaign issue. This year the four major presidential candidates of South Korea are – Lee Jae-Myung, Yoon Seok-youl, Sim Sang-Jung, and Ahn Cheol-soo. 

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