Solana Next Target: $200 in sight?

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Even when the crypto industry was struggling, solana was a good performer in terms of price gain. The coin now has $200 level in sight and can reach this level in the days to come.

In this article, we will look at solana price prediction, weekly analysis along with solana news roundup.

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Solana price prediction

Solana is currently trading at $149.45, marking a notable increase of 14.67%. Once it breaks the psychological level of $150, it will open doors for further upside.

Let’s have a look at the price chart:

Solana Next Target: $200 In Sight?

Just bounced from the strong trendline support, took liquidity, now currently facing marked horizontal resistance, to fly further has to break it else trendline is the hope.

Weekly Price Analysis

Over the past week, Solana has shown a bullish trend, with its price fluctuating between $100.32 and $137.78.

After breaking the $200 level, the next levels come out to be $250 and $400, which would mark a good gain for investors.

News Roundup

Some news regarding solana crypto are:

  • A multimillionaire whale’s purchase of Option2Trade (O2T) tokens at a low price of $0.0091 on the Solana platform signals strong market optimism.


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  • The prestigious Crypto of the Year award at the CMC ceremony has bolstered Solana’s reputation, pushing its price to $140.


Solana’s current price analysis paints a picture of a robust cryptocurrency with a promising future. The blend of technological innovation and strategic market moves positions Solana as a crypto asset worth watching.

Investors are advised to keep an eye on Solana’s developments and market trends for potential investment opportunities.

For ongoing updates and in-depth analyses, investors should follow credible crypto news outlet coincodecap and conduct their own research.

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