SEC Chair Gary Gensler faces allegations of Market Manipulation

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Key takeaways:

  • Citadel Securities & Citadel Market Maker have accused SEC Chair Gary Gensler of engaging in market manipulation.
  • He is claimed to have used Vanguard Group and BlackRock to short crypto-focused stocks including AMC Theatres and GameStop.

The financial industry is no stranger to allegations and controversies, and the latest development involving Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler is no exception. Recent claims of market manipulation have brought attention to Gensler’s role and raised questions about his integrity and effectiveness in regulating the markets.

Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is currently facing market manipulation accusations from Citadel Securities and Citadel Market Maker, two prominent financial firms, as well as a group of cryptocurrency investors. 

The allegations assert that Gensler has been involved in short-selling activities targeting stocks associated with cryptocurrencies.

According to the accusers, Gensler has allegedly utilized his position and influence to disseminate false and deceptive information about digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the intention of driving down their prices and benefiting his personal interests. 

The group argues that Gensler’s previous affiliation as a partner at Goldman Sachs, a major player in the traditional financial sector that competes with cryptocurrencies, raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest in his regulatory role.

The story traces back to Gary Gensler’s time as a professor at MIT, where he taught a course called ‘Blockchain and Money.’ During that period, he was captured on video explaining to his students that a significant portion of the crypto market could be classified as commodities rather than securities.

However, in a notable shift, as we fast-forward to the present year of 2023, Gensler’s stance on cryptocurrencies appears to have transformed. He now asserts that almost every crypto asset, with the exception of bitcoin (BTC), should be considered securities.

This sudden reversal has left many individuals, including Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, astonished. Armstrong expressed his surprise by retweeting the video and simply stating, “Wow!”

The petition additionally raises problems with Gensler’s most recent position on digital asset exchanges, which he has pushed to adhere to the same rules as securities exchanges.

Gensler has defended his activities, asserting that he complied with capital market regulations and that his goals are to protect market integrity and thwart fraud and manipulation.

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