Pluto Bio vs. SciNote – Which one you should choose?

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For the past few years, the field of Biology has been undergoing a world-changing transformation. The revolutionary methods of RNA-seq and ChIP-seq are rapidly changing the definition of research. These methods provide significant data as well as challenging output. Bioinformatics tools like Pluto Bio and Sci Note are crucial in this dynamic and evolving landscape. 

Pluto Bio Vs. Scinote - Which One You Should Choose?

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the fascinating and emerging world of conjugation of wet and dry labs with the help of Pluto Bio, a platform designed to empower researchers across industry, academia, biotech, bioinformatics, and pharma. These bioinformatics tools are not just tools but a source of confidence and capability for researchers. It provides the necessary tools and features to tackle the challenges of modern biology. This blog is going to cover that part for your convenience. Keep reading to understand more about these powerhouses of bioinformatic analysis.

Pluto Bio Vs. Scinote - Which One You Should Choose?

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Bioinformatics tools: Pluto. Bio features

Pluto Bio has unique features designed to streamline the bioinformatics workflow. They have Assays and analysis tools, Data & collaboration tools & API integrations. In this part of the blog, we will analyze what they are and how they bring convenience to your research process. 

Assays and analysis tools

Life science research mostly consists of assays & analysis mechanisms; Pluto has a massive range of powerhouses to leverage the assay and analytical data. 

Assays powerhouse

Worried about a large mass of data? Say no more. Pluto Bio has you covered with its comprehensive features. It can store large raw data files & transform them into biologically meaningful results. Sequencing-based assays such as – RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, scRNA-seq, CUT&RUN and CUT&TAG ATAC-seq, Proteomics, microarrays, and metabolomics you can arrange all of these sequence-based assays and analyze the data sets. Their custom pipeline is another feature that makes a stand-alone appearance in Pluto Bio. You can bring custom pipelines, which allows you to solve advanced bioinformatics challenges. 

Pluto Bio Vs. Scinote - Which One You Should Choose?

Analysis Powerhouse

The toughest part is getting the analytical datasets and answering the questions you want to answer. Pluto Bio removes this barrier for you. You can have a summary analysis of a research paper, differential analysis, or complex molecular pathway analysis. The time component is critical in biological systems, and you can track changes longitudinally to examine datasets, reduce dimensionality, and overrepresent enriched pathways and biological processes; imaging can even uncover biological functions and pathways associated with your datasets. 

Power of Visualization 

Visualization plays a key factor in biological data analysis & interpretation. With the help of Pluto, users can analyze experiments or data sets. You can visualize data with a bar plot or box plot with Pluto. Another foundational method is Scatterplot, which you can get in Pluto. Some other ways include a volcano plot, heatmap, Kaplan-Meier Curve, Enrichment plot, Top pathways, Line plot, Integrative Genome Viewer Plot (IGV), TSS (Transcription Start Site) Plot, Cluster plot, GraphPad Prism figures, and images. You can use all of the most used and most important visualization features from Pluto. 

Biomarkers & targets exploration 

Pluto Bio’s advanced data analysis tools are particularly useful for biomarker & target data. The platform’s cutting-edge algorithm for biomarker identification opens new doors to research, and you can ensure the accuracy of the target sites with Pluto’s help. 

Data & Collaboration 

In life sciences, it is crucial to manage all the data effectively. You will be able to manage data easily with Pluto’s help. Let’s read about its features in this part. 

Managing your data 

Life sciences research consists of a large mass of data, but the crucial thing is managing it productively. This is where Pluto comes in handy for you all. With its scalable cloud storage, you and your team don’t have to worry about storage issues. Pluto has a functional system through which, if you are a bioinformatician, you can easily communicate with your wet lab researchers, and they can share data seamlessly. 

Computer & storage platform

Pluto has discovered a cloud-scaled infrastructure designed for high-throughput bioinformatics data. With a no-code interface, you can run complex pipelines, making research possible for every researcher on your team. You can start with raw FASTQ files and proceed with analysis and visualization. This unified system allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team, bridging the gap between wet and dry labs. 

Scientific canvas

You will be able to transform the way you conduct your research with Pluto. Bio’s integrative platform. You can share your scientific story here with the scientific canvas feature, which is a flexible drag-and-drop canvas. You can design your experiments and take notes about your research. 


Security is always the most important thing in the field of research. Pluto Bio has built a strong foundation of data security and privacy. Pluto Bio provides end-to-end encryption in the data transfer system. Pluto offers a GDPR-compliant platform for enterprise partners and performs system-wide, continuous monitoring. You can visit Pluto’s trust center for any security query. 

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APIs & Integration

With Pluto. Bio’s powerful APIs and SDKs allow you to access, automate, and analyze your bioinformatics workflow. 

Curated data sets 

Pluto has a vast repository of data sets from GEO & TCGA. You will get access to over 14,000 published experiments. You can request imports from GEO and TCGA directly within Pluto Bio. 


You will get several SDKs, such as Python SDK and R SDK, the most used and advanced data analysis-friendly SDKs in bioinformatics. With the help of RESTful API, you can manage data programmatically. You can also collaborate with other developers to contribute to the ongoing development of Pluto’s SDK on GitHub. 


Pluto has an enormous integration foundation so that your team can work seamlessly using any software tools they use. Be it Microsoft Azure, Basespace for FASTQ files, Notion the powerhouse of productive environment, Genewiz by Azenta, where you can directly go from sequencing to analysis, OMIM & HGNC so that you get already linked annotations when you upload your data into Pluto, GEO is already there, Colabra the powerful lab Notebook and Microsoft office and PowerPoint. You can get everything in one place. 

Scientific insights 

When using Pluto, you are one click away from having your assistant help you with your lab work. It can assist you in custom bioinformatics analyses so that you can prepare publication-ready plots, advanced machine learning-based analyses, and statistical consulting on experimental design. 

Research Assistant 

Last but not least, you will be getting your AI-assisted research assistant. You can get an auto-generated summarization of large experimental data. With comprehensive documentation and a tutorial, you will be ready to facilitate your research process seamlessly. 

Pluto. Bio Pricing 

Pluto. Bio offers a range of pricing plans; you can choose whatever suits you. For example, they offer Academia Lite, which has a plan of $400/mo, which can be paid annually, and  $499/mo, which can be paid monthly. Another plan is academia, which has two different plans, respectively $750/mo paid annually & $899/mo paid monthly. Academia Premium is also available with extra services for your convenience. 

Pluto Bio Vs. Scinote - Which One You Should Choose?

Bioinformatics tools: SciNote features

Sci Note is an electronic lab notebook. It has lab inventory management, protocol & SOP management, team management and collaboration features, and project & workflow planning. 

In the upcoming section, you will read about all the features available in Sci Note. Keep reading to understand more about this software. 

ELN solution

Sci Note is an all-in-one solution for your everyday requirements. Its extensive electronic lab notebook feature allows you to keep a soft copy of every procedure you have executed in your lab. 

Lab inventory management system 

Being a researcher in a STEM lab, you have to use a chunk of various chemicals, reagents, primers, etc., and one should expect that only some would remember everything around an experiment. For instance, Sci Note’s ELN lab inventory management system helps you from the initiation of the experiment to the result stage. You can even print bar codes and labels for your lab equipment, as finding a particular thing from a vast range of reagents and chemicals might be hard. You can customize the tags by yourself in Sci Note. 

Protocol & SOP management 

Sci Note makes storing and sharing all lab protocols and SOPs with your research team easy. You can improve the reproducibility of your protocol with your team in Sci Note. 

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance & GLP, GMP

If your lab needs to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, and GMP requirements, Sci Note ELN has all the right features to support you. It offers e-signature, audit trails, time stamps, user roles & permissions. Sci Note’s premium feature supports all compliance requirements mandated by 21 CFR Part 11. 

Team management & collaboration

You can create teams and customize each member’s roles and permissions. You can collaborate, curate, and cross-check your data through Sci Note, improving cross-team collaboration and communication. Cooperation can streamline external customers and partners. 

Pluto Bio Vs. Scinote - Which One You Should Choose?

Lab work management 

Sci Note incorporates many features to complete lab work with a flexible system. This will help you consider every aspect of your data. You can even monitor your projects to track your research. 

Integration & API

You can integrate the connection of data, tools, applications, APIs, and instruments for better productivity. The majority of the tools Sci Note integrates with rely on RESTful APIs. You can also integrate with Open Vector Editor (OVE). Other integration software includes Quartzy and inventory management,, Gilson Connect, ChemAxon Marvin, Office for the Web, FLUICS print, and Zebra label printers. 

Data protection

Sci Note promises that whatever data you have within Sci Note is end-to-end encrypted for better security. 

Sci Note Pricing 

Sci Note has two different types of pricing plans for industry and academia. You have three distinct choices. You may get a 14-day free trial, but you must buy any plan at your convenience for longer usage. 

Which one is better? 

Both bioinformatics tools are quite the same. But if you read thoroughly, you will understand that, in reality, these softwares are quite different. If you are in academia or industry, choose any of them depending on your needs. 

Feature Pluto. BioSci Note
FocusBioinformatics platform with a wide range of data analysis and management ELN with data management, compliance, collaboration
Target users Bioinformatics researcher (both industry & academia)Govt labs, industry, academia
Key features Bioinformatics analysis, data management & planning, API Experiment planning, compliance tools
PricingFree trial, lite, and premium are availableNeed to contact them, as the website doesn’t have much info

Bottom Line

Choose Pluto Bio: It can be a big lifesaver if you work in the biotech sector and are heavily involved in bioinformatic data analysis, management, and APKs. You are already working in one of the fastest-growing industries. Discover its never-ending possibilities with your lab teammates to invent for the goodness of humanity. 

Choose Sci Note: If you work in a wet lab, you need a comprehensive ELN with strong data management and compliance features. 

Choose wisely and remember all the facts about these two bioinformatics tools.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pluto. Bio free?

No. But it has 14-day free trial.

Is Sci Note free?


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