OpenAI is launching the GPTs store next week.

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The year 2023 was a happy AI year. Throughout the year, we have seen countless new innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, like Bard, Dalle-3, GPT-4, AI-powered chips, AI use in many fields such as sales, presentation, designing, etc. ending with the drama in OpenAI between Sam Altmnan and board and the launch of Google’s most advanced LLM, “Gemini.”  Last year was a gold rush for AI companies like OpenAI; it has become the most valued startup. Many new companies have formed to provide AI solutions for defense to households. These developments marked an impact on the world, and we hope to continue innovation in 2024. In this article, we are going to cover all the major AI updates of last week, such as the launching of the GPT store, Midjourney launching their new V6, Google’s planning for another massive layoff, some newly launched AI tools, and many more so brace yourself in this rollercoaster ride.

Trending news of the week


1. GPT store opening soon

In the first Dev Day event back in November 2023, OpenAI announced the custom GPTs. A new AI chatbot is made for a specific task based on the GPT-4 and assures the users that they can sell their chatbots to the customers. Finally, OpenAI is launching a platform next week for users to buy these custom GPTs according to their demands and tasks. Previously, there was a plan to launch in early December but it got delayed because of the OpenAI board and Sam Altman drama.

2. Bard’s new premium services⚔️

Google is currently testing the premium version of Bard, which is backed by Gemini. Currently, ChatGPT is the market leader with premium services in which users get access to GPT-4 and DallE-3. Google is trying to replicate the same with their users, offering them more services and innovations. Both language models push the boundaries of natural language processing, promising ever-more nuanced and engaging interactions. Soon, Bard’s premium service will be launched for everyone to use. 

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3. Galaxy AI Upgrade

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 boasts an AI-powered camera suite that’s like having a celebrity stylist in your pocket. The phone’s “Zoom with Galaxy AI” feature promises flawless video calls, making even the most casual chat feel like a red carpet moment. Get ready for flawless skin, flattering angles, and lighting that would make Hollywood jealous.

4. Say goodbye to the Windows key

Microsoft is going to replace the Windows key from the keyboard with an AI assistant, Copilot, which comes pre-installed on some laptops, offering real-time writing suggestions and corrections. Imagine never having to bother over the perfect word again, thanks to an AI whisperer print on your keyboard.

5. Gender Bias in AI 

A worrying study reveals a dark side of AI: bias. Researchers found that large language models can perpetuate and amplify human prejudices, highlighting the need for careful training and ethical considerations. This stark reminder reminds us that AI isn’t magic; it’s a reflection of ourselves. We must actively combat algorithmic bias to ensure a fair and equitable future for all.

6. Instamagic Backdrops 

Get ready to add a touch of AI whimsy to your Instagram stories! The platform now offers AI-generated backgrounds, allowing you to transport your followers to magical landscapes, bustling cityscapes, or even other planets, all with a few taps. Unleash your inner digital artist and let your stories truly shine.

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7. Google’s massive layoffs

 A leaked report from Google casts a shadow of uncertainty, suggesting potential layoffs of 30,000 employees as AI automation takes over certain tasks. This raises critical questions about the future of work and the impact of AI on livelihoods. While AI promises efficiency, we must ensure its progress doesn’t leave people behind.

8. AI turns brain waves into text 

Brace yourselves for the mind-bending possibilities of “DeWave,” a new AI that claims to translate thoughts directly into text. Imagine composing emails or writing novels simply by thinking! While still in its early stages, this technology opens up tantalizing possibilities for communication and human-computer interaction. However, ethical concerns loom large. Who controls our thoughts when they can be digitized and manipulated?

9. Midjourney may in trouble

The legal battle surrounding Midjourney, an AI art generator, reignites the debate about artistic ownership. If machines can create masterpieces, who deserves the credit? This complex question challenges our definitions of creativity and authorship in the age of AI.

Trending AI Tools

  • GPT Console [link]
    An AI tool that can help simplify the generation of web apps and enable automation through prompts.
  • Eleven Labs  [link]
    An AI tool that can convert text into human-like voices. It has more than 100 different characters for different voices.
  •  [link]
    An AI tool that allows you to create and interact with virtual characters.
  • Albus AI  [link]
    An AI tool that helps you create personalized content and designs in Slack.
  • Academic GPT [link]
    An AI tool that is specifically designed to help with academic and research papers.

Prompt of the week

Openai Is Launching The Gpts Store Next Week.

This Saturday, I was bored so much. So, I decided to watch any film to be entertained, then I opened my prime and started scrolling, but I couldn’t get any film that was perfect for me. There are tonnes of movies, and the same is true with the platform.

Then I got an idea. I opened my GPT-4 to make a perfect prompt.

So, here is the prompt:

Please note that if you use this prompt in ChatGPT, then you will only get the movie release till 2021.

Job Posting

Openai Is Launching The Gpts Store Next Week.
  • Senior Integration Engineer- Observe. ai[click here to apply] is an AI company that deals with customer interaction using AI. provides the fastest solution for any company, from sales to a higher retention rate. The company is backed by big VC firms such as Y Combinator, Softbank, etc. is looking for a Senior Integration engineer to join their team with expertise in Java and Python and better cloud integration technologies such as AWS, etc., and experience in 2+ years in customer-facing technical role.
  • AI Developer- Xsolla[click here to apply]
    Xsolla is looking for an AI Developer who has expertise in deep learning algorithms, such as Naive Bayes and K Nearest Neighbors (KNN), and has a strong understanding of external A/B testing tools and GORSE to evaluate and optimize machine learning models. Candidates must have proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R and experience with relevant frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.
  • AI Cloud Engineer – Anthropic[click here to apply]
    Antrophic is one of the fastest-growing AI companies working on making AI models more reliable. Claude and Claude 2 are their AI chatbots which are giving competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. The company is backed by trustworthy investors and firms such as Google, Jeff Bezos, etc. Anthropic is seeking an AI Cloud Engineer who can collaborate with a team of data scientists and software engineers to integrate AI models into scalable, production-ready systems. The candidates must have proficiency in programming languages such as Python and Bash and strong knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

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