Meta will develop an open-source AGI soon.

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This week, the world of AI explodes in a kaleidoscope of advancements, blurring the lines between science fiction and reality. From Zuckerberg’s quest for artificial general intelligence to robots joining the assembly line and life-saving diagnostics, prepare to be dazzled by the latest brushstrokes in AI’s grand masterpiece. Let’s roll into the journey of weekly AI updates, Trending Tools and many more.

Trending news of the week


Meta’s new AGI

Mark Zuckerberg, the pioneer of the metaverse, unveils a bold and ambitious score – a company-wide reorganization with AGI as the triumphant finale. This symphony of restructuring positions AI at the heart of Meta’s vision, promising immersive experiences, personalized recommendations, and groundbreaking research beyond our wildest dreams. Buckle up, for Meta’s AI revolution is just beginning.

Robots Join the BMW

Humanoid startup Figure takes a graceful pirouette, partnering with automotive giant BMW. This unexpected collaboration paves the way for robots to join the manufacturing dance, their precise movements and flexible routines adding a new dimension to the industrial ballet. From welding with laser-like precision to assisting with delicate logistics, these AI-powered dancers promise to redefine the rhythm of the factory floor.

Dermasensors Detect Cancer’s Subtle Notes

In a life-saving crescendo, Derma Sensors, an AI-powered device, receives a resounding applause from the US FDA. This innovative technology analyzes skin lesions with laser-sharp focus, its algorithms trained to recognize the dissonant melodies of suspicious moles and melanomas in their earliest stages. Derma Sensors embody AI’s potential to safeguard our health, empowering dermatologists to become conductors of preventative harmony.

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Runway Gen 2 New Update: Multi-Motion

Video editing gets a vibrant splash of color with the upgraded Runway Gen 2. This platform unleashes a symphony of creative control, allowing artists to manipulate AI-generated imagery with the fluid grace of a conductor’s baton. Imagine sculpting landscapes with a flick of your wrist or breathing life into galaxies with a brushstroke – Runway Gen 2 opens doors to a world where human and AI artistry collaborate in an unprecedented dance of creation.

OpenAI and Berkeley Forge an Intellectual Duet

OpenAI is going to have a partnership with UC Berkeley. This collaboration blends academic research with industry experience to promote AI guided by fairness, transparency, and accountability. By uniting these complementary forces, this first-of-its-kind alliance seeks to foster a more just AI landscape. Like melodies in harmony, OpenAI and Berkeley’s shared values promise to compose a future where AI resonates with responsibility.

Meta Will Develop An Open-Source Agi Soon.

Perplexity and Rabbit’s Playful Interlude

Perplexity is the rival of ChatGPT, which shows real-time data and attaches result sources every time it generates. The AI chatbot has joined forces with Rabbit R1, the newly launched AI assistant. This innovative pairing will bring new Large Language Models APIs for Rabbit R1, and these APIs will developed by Perplexity. The first 100000 customers of Rabbit R1 will also get a one-year subscription to Perplexity Pro free.
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Samsung’s AI Concerto: Will it Harmonize or Clash?

Samsung is ready to integrate all the new “Galaxy AI” in their devices. The company has started this by launching its all-new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This series contains three models- Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. The main highlight of this launch event was “Galaxy AI,” this new AI model empowers the smartphone experience like never before. Galaxy AI comes with AI features such as Live Translations, Interpreter, Galaxy Provisual engine, Chat Assist, Andriod Auto, and many more.

Alpha Geometry Can Now Solve Geometry

DeepMind’s AlphaGeometry steals the show with its impressive feat of solving 25 out of 30 complex geometry problems from International Mathematical Olympiad competitions. This remarkable achievement showcases the potential of AI to push the boundaries of human understanding in a traditionally challenging field like mathematics. It opens doors for further exploration and applications in areas like engineering and design.

Microsoft Copilot in 365 Apps

Microsoft’s Copilot, the AI-powered writing assistant, soars into the business world with its official launch in Microsoft 365. This integration promises to revolutionize the way we work, offering real-time suggestions and assistance with email drafting, document creation, and even presentations. To use Copilot in Microsft 365, users need to buy a subscription of $20/month.

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AI will affect more than 40% of jobs globally

A sobering report from the IMF highlights potential worries about AI’s impact on employment. It suggests up to 40% of jobs worldwide are vulnerable to automation in coming decades. This underscores the critical need for workforce retraining programs, social safety nets, and ethical AI development frameworks. Policymakers and industry leaders must act to ensure displaced workers have support and AI progresses responsibly. With proactive planning, AI’s growth can be harmonized with compassion.

Adobe Integrate AI in Premiere Pro

Adobe unveils a new audio feature for Premiere Pro that leverages AI capabilities to enhance sound editing. This new update offers unique features such as Enhanced speech removal, custom audio transitions, and automatic audio category tagging. This marks a significant step towards democratizing audio editing by making it more accessible and intuitive for users of all skill levels.

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Trending AI Tools

Meta Will Develop An Open-Source Agi Soon.
  • PotionPitch AI [link]
    An AI-powered presentation tool that helps businesses elevate sales.
  • [link]
    An online video editor with AI-powered capabilities that enhance video editing.
  • Docus.AI [link]
    An AI tool that helps diagnose patients quickly. Top doctors also verify this tool.
  • Musicfy [link]
    An AI-powered text-to-music generator tool that helps in creating copyright-free music with a simple prompt. It also has a unique feature to convert speech to music. Just vocalize the beat, and it will convert the beat into instrumentation.
  • Dante AI [link]
    An AI tool that helps businesses create GPT-4 chatbots that train on their business data.

Prompt of the week

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Discover a rare and uncommon word, ensuring it has not been widely used before. The word should be relatively short (maximum 15 characters) and incorporate a balanced mix of verbs, adjectives, and nouns. Please provide the following details for the word you find.

Job Posting

Meta Will Develop An Open-Source Agi Soon.
  • Senior DevOps Engineer, Fiddler AI (click here to apply)
    Fiddler AI is a new-generation AI company whose main motive is to make AI trustworthy and transparent. This company works for an understandable AI solution that helps them achieve their mission. Fiddler AI is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer who has experience of 6+ years working in related fields and has expertise in Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud, and proficiency in working with Linux Systems and monitoring tools like Prometheus. Knowledge of KubeFlow and Spark increases your chances of hiring.
  • Product Manager, Anthropic (click here to apply)
    Anthropic is looking for a product manager role with experience of more than 5+ years of product management and scaling existing products. The candidates should have a technical background and have already worked with Large Language Models(LLM). The candidate must have proficiency in programming languages such as Python and SQL. The candidate will work closely with research teams to help productize credible applied research and identify high-potential use cases grounded in customer needs.
  • Embedded Avionics Software Engineer (R2264), Shield AI(click here to apply)
    Shield AI is a company that provides AI-based defense solutions to the government as well as the general public. Currently, the company is working on the world’s best AI pilot, Hivemind. Shield AI is currently seeking an Embedded Avionics Software Engineer who can easily merge the hardware and software for their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In this job, the candidates will closely work with the team of electronics engineers and System engineers to develop solutions. To apply for this job role, The candidate must have 4+ years of professional avionics development experience and have a strong C/C++ background.

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