KAVA Price Analysis April 2022

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KAVA is a token of the platform Kava. Its current price is around $4.88 by writing, with a low of $2.20, and it has a market cap of 835 million dollars.

What is Kava Protocol?

Kava is an open-source software protocol that connects cryptocurrencies to allow users to borrow and lend easily. In this way, Kava is considered one of many emerging decentralized forms of lending. Brian Henning Kerr founded it in October 2019, and its native coin, KAVA, powers it.

The KAVA cryptocurrency is used to reward USDX stakers and plays a key role in managing the Kava network. More specifically, it allows anyone holding and staking KAVA to participate in the governance of network operations. Furthermore, the Kava Network’s Co-Chains make it possible for you to use the speed and scalability advantages of Ethereum smart contracts in combination with Cosmos SDKs’ interoperability features.

What is KAVA token?

KAVA is the token of the Kava platform, which is around $4.88 by the time of writing, with a low of $2.20. Its current ranking is #93 according to CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of 835 million dollars.

KAVA reached a high of $9.19, with a low of $2.20. The KAVA token is used to reward users who mint USDX tokens. In addition, it plays a key part in the governance of the Kava network by allowing for periodic inflation and new tokens being issued.

KAVA Coin Market Analysis 

KAVA has a max supply of infinite coins worth around $4.88 with a market volume of 155 million dollars, whereas the market capitalization is 835 million dollars at writing. 

KAVA Price Prediction

Wallet Investor gave a bullish Kava price prediction, coinciding with their targeting it as an “excellent long-term investment.”

On the 1D timeframe, the price action of $KAVA/USDT has formed out the Higher highs and higher low structure where it has done the Break of structure below the support Trendline and bounced back from the Horizontal rectangle Support level marked the resistance line as well.

Kava Price Analysis April 2022
KAVA Price Analysis April 2022

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