Kanga Exchange Review: A Must Read!

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Kanga Exchange is a safe and easy-to-use crypto exchange offering various services such as more than 250 physical crypto exchange points, crypto staking, crypto wallet, and a Kanga card. Further, the platform comes with industry-leading security of your assets and an anytime-reachable support phone number. Here’s a brief summary of this Kanga Exchange Review:

Summary (TL;DR)

For an easier understanding, here is all that we would cover in the Kanga Exchange Review. 

  • Kanga is a well-known crypto exchange platform developed in 2018. 
  • This platform offers around 30 crypto pairs and offers wallet services to store them.
  • It has other benefits, including crypto swap, IEO, OTC, and POS Passive Income.
  • Another thing to note is that kanga does not charge any fee for depositing cryptos. However, the withdrawal fee depends on the type of cryptos.
  • Users can also earn interest on the trading fees by staking the KNG token.

What is Kanga Exchange?

This platform was formed in Poland under the leadership and planning of Slawomir Zawadzki and a team of professionals in the business world. This group of entrepreneurs holds dynamic technical knowledge and skills as well. Altogether, they prepared and launched Kanga Exchange in September 2018. 

The team has one goal in their mind; enabling cryptocurrency adoption on a global scale. Therefore, they wanted to make a platform that would allow people to trade crypto assets as well as access tools for token creation. Besides that, they tried to provide mechanisms for more straightforward transaction processing to ICO leaders and users for them to transact ICO token payments like EUR, USD, and BTC and gain additional features.

Kanga Exchange
Kanga Exchange

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Kanga Products 

Kanga Exchange offers a wide range of profitable products for its users. They are listed hereafter. 

Kanga Crypto exchange

First and foremost, Kanga Exchange deals with crypto exchange. So, you would get a lot of benefits related to this service. Primarily, you would get the option to trade different types of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform supports all countries and a wide range of currency types as well, crypto or otherwise. 

In terms of fiat currencies, users can trade USD, EUR, and PLN. As for cryptocurrencies, you can trade with its token version, KNG.

Besides these options, traders can also expect to use personal tokens on Kanga Exchange. These are types of coins that private entities like enterprises or a person issued for individual usage or trading. The creator has the authority to manage these choices, choose the valuation, as well as advertise it through a personalized business model. 

To note, there are over 30 crypto pairs available on Kanga Exchange for trading purposes. 

Crypto Exchange
Crypto exchange

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Kanga Wallet 

At Kanga Exchange, you can store your funds and manage various crypto and fiat transactions. Furthermore, it is easier to manage different currency versions like BTC, KNG, Hero, ETH, and 20 others with the integrated wallet. This is available in a mobile version for iOS and Android users, directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Kanga Swap

Kanga Exchange also offers Crypto Swap where you can exchange one crypto for another. This Seychelles-registered crypto exchange also offers FIAT gateway support with the help of stable coins. These need to have KNF approval and be integrated with STO tokenization. 

Kanga POS Passive Income 

ICO professionals that utilize the Kanga Exchange can make passive income through the platform. To note, 100% of the total revenue that the platform generates turns into the native token, KNG. People who have staked KNG in the POS or Proof of Stake get a proportionate distribution of this revenue afterward. 

So, in essence, if you make a stake each day, you would have the chance to earn KNG every day. Besides this, another notable feature here is the ability to switch on auto-transfer. With this, you can get an additional 0.3% bonus every day. You would get this extra perk with the APY that you earn after making a stake in the KNG tokens. Furthermore, the bonus quantity increases with time. In other words, if you earn 0.3% now, in 10 days, you begin getting a bonus of 10%.

Kanga IEO 

Besides the other valuable services, another profitable one is the ability to buy newly listed tokens on the Kanga Exchange at manageable rates. This falls under the basic foundation of the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) service of this platform. 

IEO is one of the main types of routes available for gaining capital via the Kanga Exchange project through the publishing of new tokens directly. Since a project creator builds the token of cryptocurrency and releases it on the crypto exchange infrastructure, they can obtain funds for project development. The platform, in turn, promises security for all of the investors. 

If users want to list their coins on the exchange, they can send their email to the address [email protected]


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Kanga OTC

Another notable benefit available under Kanga Exchange is the ability to buy crypto from exchange offices. Indeed, the company has physical exchange offices present at many locations where users can pay cash and gain crypto in return. 

First, they have to download and access the mobile app version of Kanga Exchange. Then, they can generate a unique code. Then, at the offices, they must provide the code and complete the cash payment deposit. Afterward, they must finish the app-based transaction as well. 

Kanga Coin 

Kanga exchange offers its own token called KNG. The KNG token is basically a utility token that is used in the kanga to earn rewards and reduce fees. In terms of its features, the best ones are as follows. 

  • Staking
  • Withdrawal of money via ATM 
  • Mobile application version 
  • Markets display 
  • Blog content 
  • Accessible physical offices in different areas 
  • Affiliate program 

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Kanga Fee Structure 

The transactional fees are paid using KNG, the primary token of this platform. However, while this is the main rule of the transaction here, users do not have to own these coins personally to complete the fee payment.

Indeed, the platform system cuts the fee amount directly from the coins that the users trade. This automatically translates into KNG token format. Here is a small example to better explain the process.

A trader is working with BTC/USDT. Here, the fee of the buyer is USDT, while the sellers have to pay in BTC. After that, the USDT-centric fee changes automatically to get KNG directly through the KNG/USDT market. Similarly, the BTC fee exchanges for KNG through the KNG/BTC market in this manner as well. Notably, both of these transactions are complete at the market pricing. 

For better understanding, here are the common fee types and valuations under Kanga Exchange. 

Kanga Deposit Fees 

  • Crypto– 0 fees
  • Fiat currency– Cash-1.3%; Zen- 3%; Bank transfer- 0 fees in case of PLN and/or EUR deposits or 5 USD for dollar-based deposits

Kanga Withdrawal Fees

  • Crypto– 10set token (10SET) – 0.01716 ETH; Ethereum (ETH) – 0.00278 ETH; Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) – 0.005 BTCV; Bitcoin (BTC) – 0.0005 BTC; Other types of Ethereum tokens – 0.01056 ETH

P.S. In case of changes in network activity levels, the withdrawal fees are open to adaptation. 

  • Fiat currency– Cash- 1-3%; ATM- 2%; Bank transfer- 0 fees 
  • Trading fees- For every transaction amount (seller/buyer), the trading fees is 0.2% of this value.

Kanga Staking

Another notable mention in terms of earning under Kanga Exchange is passive income, which we touched on briefly before. Users who hold KNG coins get a passive income after making their stakes on the amount they carry at the PoS exchange account. 

The increasing bonus here is around 0.3%. This applies to the held amount if the user does not withdraw the amount only. This is separate from the APY that users earn after staking their KNG coin on the crypto exchange. 

Is Kanga Exchange Safe?

The service of Kanga Exchange is secure for all users in multiple manners. There are many supported transactions via this service provider that are authorized legally. So, you can expect smooth encrypted transactions across online portals quickly on this platform.

Kanga Customer Support

To support the consumers using this platform, Kanga Exchange team members contribute a variety of Customer Support benefits to the users. To directly contact the support team, one can reach out via [email protected]

For informational support, the blog service on the platform is useful for people to get detailed insights on the various services under Kanga Exchange. 

Besides this, there are other avenues for customers to gain information on the platform and its features. They include:

P.S. The language available for the data on every channel is Polish. However, only Twitter offers information in the English language. Here, you can take the support of Google Translate software to modify the language of the support details in English.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Multiple exchanges support.Not the most advanced. 
Additional profits through PoS passive income.Security could be more intricate and refined.
Trading fee benefits. Not many languages are accessible. 
Increasing 0.3% bonus on trading fees.
Many countries are supported.
Multiple transactional avenues. 


Overall, Kanga Exchange is one of the most valuable platforms available for different types of crypto and even fiat exchanges. The services are multiple and user-friendly in their own capacity, and users get many avenues of earning. Before using the service, though, properly study the usage rules and carefully complete all application process steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of transaction methods are acceptable under the Kanga Exchange?

To note, Kanga Exchange accepts the following types of transaction methods.
Bank transfer 
ATM (PLN withdrawals mainly)
Zen (PLN deposits especially)

What are the ways to earn on Kanga Exchange?

People can earn profits on the Kanga Exchange through crypto trading or choosing the passive income strategy for their native token. First, they must buy a good crypto from the “Markets” section. Then, they can choose the “PoS” button from the main menu on the online application for the transfer. Users get a 0.3% reward for every deposit at 24 hours intervals. 

Is the Kanga Exchange platform safe?

The platform of Kanga Exchange is relatively safe in the market. This is because the founders have trusted professionals from their respective career fields, and the platform has backing from the Financial Supervision Authority of Poland. Besides this, Good Investments Ltd., a Seychelles-registered company, controls the service provider. 

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