Gunna Denies Being Involved in the Pushin Peth Rug Pull

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Gunna has categorically denied any connection in the Pushin Peth crypto fraud, taking to social media to clarify the situation, saying that his Twitter account was hacked to promote the scam.

Gunna had promoted the Pushin P coin, and his followers tweeted about it before removing it.

Advancing a Dodgy Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become incredibly popular, with people flocking to buy prominent coins. However, now and then, investors are misled, and their funds are taken. The Gunna episode exemplifies how scammers harm the crypto market, and more crucially, naïve investors.

Gunna took to Twitter a few days ago to promote a new crypto project he’d been working on with another developer who went by the Twitter name “shanemooncharts.” “@pushinpeth developing a crypto metaverse for us!” Gunna tweeted. @shanemooncharts I’m financing the project, and I’m confident it’ll take off. “I’M GOING TO THE MOON WITH THIS.”

Pushin Peth, a potential Rug Pull, sounded like it was linked to Gunna’s viral Pushin P. However, users soon began asking inquiries and discussing a rug pull. When developers take the money from investors and leave users with nothing, this is known as a rug pull.

Gunna’s Involvement is Revealed by a Twitter Sleuth

ZachXBT decided to investigate further to find out the truth behind Gunna’s claim, and he shared his findings on Twitter. According to his research Gunna was engaged with Pushin Peth, feigning a hacked Twitter account. According to the post, Shane, the coin’s developer, was in contact with Gunna via DMs. ZachXBT backed up his claims with screenshots.

He also disclosed that Gunna’s Tweet was planned ahead of time and that Gunna had stated that he would tweet it at 2 p.m. He then showed a screenshot of Gunna’s Twitter account, which showed the disputed tweet was posted at 1:56 p.m.

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Shambhavi Soni
Shambhavi Soni

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