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A crypto exchange that is easy to use, comes with a lot of options, and charges lesser fees compared to its competitors is best the best choice out there. Therefore, here’s a brief comparison between vs KuCoin vs BYDFI followed by a detailed comparison further in the article!


Crypto ExchangeGate.ioKuCoinBYDFI
HeadquartersGeorge Town, Cayman IslandsSingaporeSingapore
Transaction FeesSpot- 0.2%
Makers- 0.0150%
Takers- 0.0500%
Fiat DepositYesYesYes 
LeverageUp to 5xUp to 100xUp to 125x
Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, SOL, XRP, SHIB, DOGE, AVAX, BTT, DOT, BNB, GALA, and many more. BTC, SOL, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, AVAX, DOGE, DOT, TRX, and many others. AAVE, BNB, DAI, DOGE, USDT, BTC, USDC, XRP, SUSHI, 1INCH, LTC, and many more. 
Mobile AppYes, Available for both Android and iOS.Yes, Available for both Android and iOSYes, Available for both Android and iOS.
[LINK][LINK][LINK] vs KuCoin vs BYDFI vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Overview

What is

Popularly known as one of the earliest crypto exchanges, originated from China. In 2017, the platform was rebranded to, and since then, it has been among the fastest-growing crypto platforms.

The platform provides traders with numerous cryptocurrencies, a leading Initial Exchange Offering(IEO) platform, margin trading with leverage, and also some other advanced financial services such as margin lending or borrowing. 

Moreover, exchange is available in most parts of the world except for some places like New York, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Washington State, Pakistan, Iran, and Crimea.

In addition to this, serves the crypto community with over 367 markets, including some of the major ones such as CNYX, BTC, USDT, ETH, and time-limited markets. Exchange exchange

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin stands among the most reliable crypto exchange platforms. As a result, the platform has high popularity among its users, although it is relatively new and came into the market in the year 2017.

The crypto exchange platform has more than 600 assets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Moreover, KuCoin also has its own virtual currency known as KuCoin Share(KSC), and holding these KSC coins will give traders discounts on trading fees and can even help them earn more funds. 

What is BYDFI?

BYDFI is a Singapore-born crypto trading exchange launched in 2019, making it pretty young compared to others in the crypto market.

Further, BYDFI provides its traders with a huge array of features and has earned a lot of reputation over the past few years for being a reputed crypto trading service provider.

CoinMarketCap, Binance, and many such companies are successfully partnered with BYDFI. Furthermore, there are approximately 500,000 + active users on the platform. 

BYDFI vs KuCoin vs BYDFIc: Features Features

  • provides comprehensive protection to all traders with some law funds and tight security. 
  • There is an instant withdrawal and deposit service offered by the platform. 
  • The platform aims to provide its traders with the best trading experience through constantly exploring innovative and new technologies. 
  • There are approximately 20+ fiat currencies for traders to buy and sell cryptos instantly via Debit cards, Credit cards, and Bank Transfers. 
  • Moreover, along with a variety of quantitative strategies, they provide you with a copy trading feature. 

KuCoin Features

  • KuCoin’s interface is attractive and very user-friendly. The interface is more like a contemporary design where the traders can enjoy the fun of robust trading. This feature makes trading much more enjoyable. 
  • The platform has an efficient engine and can handle millions of transactions per second. 
  • Traders can get a more in-depth understanding of their trading strategy by looking into advanced and exciting charts on KuCoin. Moreover, the platform makes use of TradingView charts which also have indicators that help traders reach a decision. 
  • KuCoin exchange order types are market, limit, post-only, stop, and iceberg orders. 
  • KuCoin, in cooperation with Arwen, now supports all the traders to opt for non-custodial trading directly from their wallets to increase their crypto security. The platform will not have custody over your money if you choose Non-Custodial trading. 
  • Moreover, there is a feature called KuCoin News which helps keep traders up to date with the latest news that is happening in the crypto market.  

BYDFI Features

  • BYDFI’s primary focus is to provide its users with a simplified trading experience. 
  • In comparison with all the other brokers in the crypto market, BYDFI provides much easier tools. Moreover, traders can place orders without worrying with the help of its distinct contract capabilities. 
  • Traders can get successfully registered on the platform too within 30 seconds via their mobile number or an email address. 
  • BYDFI’s mobile app and user interface are specifically designed for all its traders. 
  • The BYDFI website is translated into eight different languages, making it more accessible for traders worldwide. 
  • Furthermore, the platform has its presence in over 150 countries, even though it debuted in the year 2019. vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Ease of Use

Is beginner friendly?

Yes, is completely beginner-friendly as it provides traders with an interface that is relatively easy to navigate different website sections. There are many features that can be quite overwhelming at first.

Moreover, traders can choose among different modes for the background and can scroll between other platform functionalities. 

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Is KuCoin beginner friendly?

Yes, KuCoin is beginner friendly and trading on the platform is relatively easy as it helps new traders by providing them with step-by-step informational messages on different features that the exchange offers.

The KuCoin interface might be a little daunting at first, but the platform provides FAQs and a beginner’s guide that makes it much easier to understand the platform. Moreover, for all the trading pairs and the market, accurate charting tools are available.

Kucoin Mobile App
KuCoin Mobile App

Is BYDFI beginner friendly?

Yes, BYDFI is pretty beginner-friendly as it is well known for its easy, simple, and pleasant user interface. There are many functionalities and features that the trading interface of BYDFI is equipped with.

They always keep in mind that all of their traders are not intimidated by the platform. They further provide traders with an easily manageable mobile application that makes trading even more accessible. In addition to this, the BYDFI mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Trading On Bydfi
Trading on BYDFI vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Fees Fees

The fee structure for is pretty simple and is divided into two parts, i.e., Future and Spot markets. They’re explained below:

Furthermore, whenever a trader withdraws a cryptocurrency asset from the exchange, it directly initiates a standard blockchain network fee and adjusts automatically depending on the markets. Fees Fees

KuCoin Fees

At KuCoin, the deposit fee is probably zero, i.e., and it charges nothing from the traders. Although, for spot trading, there is a fixed fee of 0.1% per transaction, which is below the global industry average.

Traders’ KuCoin shares holdings and also 30-day trading volume determine the decrease in the fees of spot trading.

Kucoin Fees
KuCoin Fees


BYDFI trading charges a spot handling fee of 0.1% as the Maker’s fee, and the conversion fee is 0.1%. For CFDs, the transaction fees vary from about 0.075% to 0.05%, and the price for opening and closing the position is calculated as Margin * Leverage * 0.05%. Moreover, it charges 0.1% whenever a trader opens a position. Furthermore, for Derivatives, the opening and closing fee is calculated as Margin * Leverage * 0.025%.  

Bydfi Fees
BYDFI Fees vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Safety

Is safe or legit to use?

Yes is safe as the traders are provided with many tricks to keep their funds protected like SMS 2FA, Two-factor authentication, Anti-phishing code, Additional fund withdrawal password, and Blind Ip logins.

In addition, the KYC system of helps in keeping the funds secured, and the platform ranks among the most secure crypto exchange platforms in the crypto market. 

Is KuCoin safe or legit to use?

Yes, KuCoin is a safe, secure, and legit crypto exchange platform as it provides bank-level asset security in order to ensure the safest environment possible for account holders and all of transactions.

The platform uses industry-level multilayer encryption, dynamic multi-factor authentication, and an active internal risk control department to ensure that all its traders’ funds are safe.

Is BYDFI safe or legit to use?

Yes BYDFI is a safe platform to use and provides top-notch security so that you can trade without worrying much about all your assets. In order to reduce online theft and fraud, they take and implement all the safety measures that are needed on their side.

Also, there are multiple wallets that will further help in keeping your assets secure. In addition to these features, they also use SSL encryption and have acquired multiple licenses over the past few years. vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Mobile App Mobile App

Traders who mostly prefer using their smartphones can totally rely on the fantastic mobile app of

The platform has made a great effort to make this the most likable application among traders. The app is made available for both Android and iOS devices and is easily downloadable from App Store or Play Store. Vs Kucoin Vs Bydfi - Read This Before Choosing!

KuCoin Mobile App

KuCoin provides a fully functional mobile application to its traders. It offers real-time quotes synced with the official website, has an attractive and interactive interface, has a KuCoin referral program module, a 24*7 accessible help center, and KuCoin Bonus.

Moreover, traders can also get constant information, real-time market views, and personal account information.

In addition to this, traders can also get notifications regarding KuCoin’s token price, asset change announcements, your ore-set warning price, any logins, and promotions & news. The KuCoin app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

Kucoin Mobile App
KuCoin Mobile App

BYDFI Mobile App

The mobile application that BYDFI provides its users is much easier to access than the website. Although the BYDFI app contains the same features as the website, it is still easy to use and faster.

Traders may be sitting anywhere at any time, but they can still have access to the crypto market and copy trading. The application is made available for devices with Android and iOS

Bydfi Mobile App
BYDFI Mobile App vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Customer Support

Customer support service becomes a valuable asset whenever you come across an issue that just doesn’t seem to be solved, you have encountered a bug in the dashboard, or there is a technical glitch in the platform. Customer Support

The customer support service in is exemplary as it has a separate FAQ section for the traders to get their queries resolved fast. Along with this, the platform also has a live chat feature available where they can chat with the support agent and get all their answers. In addition, the platform holds many articles that explain all the methods to resolve if they get stuck somewhere. Furthermore, they are always ready to help and are available 24*7. Customer Support Customer Support

KuCoin Customer Support

Kucoin’s customer support team is completely focussed on and aware of every trade issue of their traders. Thus, they always take immediate action whenever their traders need it as the help is available 24*7. Moreover, the platform provides you with a FAQ section that has a very wide section of questions and answers and also has features of live chat to get queries solved. 

Kucoin Customer Support
KuCoin Customer Support

BYDFI Customer Support

BYDFI offers its users 24*7 live customer support. In this, all you need to do is to connect with a support agent via this live chat feature and get your issue resolved.

It also provides its traders with a guide that gives them all the solutions to their general queries that might come up while going through the platform.

Traders can further get in contact with the customer support service team by mailing them at [email protected]

Bydfi Customer Support
BYDFI Customer Support vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Gate.ioThere are more than 400 markets and also a wide range of cryptos. There are advanced trading features available in the market. fees are low, and additionally, there is no deposit fee. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes it easier for beginners. The FAQ section of the platform lacks some details. There are no fiat deposits. There is a lack of transparency. 
KuCoinFor withdrawals, there is no compulsion for KYC. Assets available to trade are high. KuCoin has a very simple interface along with order books and advanced charts. There are no deposit fees on the platform, and the trading fees are also low. No bank deposits are available. The KuCoin fee rate is high for fiat-crypto trades. 
BYDFIIn order to do technical analysis, there are many charting tools available on the platform. It has acquired many licenses, which shows that it is a trustworthy platform. BYDFI has SSL encryption, Two-factor authentication, Hot and cold wallets, and other great security features to protect the assets of its traders. A demo account is provided to the traders to familiarize them with all the features. Withdrawal options are limited. vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Pros and Cons vs KuCoin vs BYDFI: Conclusion

All three crypto trading platforms have the best features; we believe BYDFI might be the best one out of them.

Traders can get all the features like Spot trading, Margin trading, Futures, Copy trading, and whatnot with these platforms. Along with the nominal fees, the platform also provides a secure place to make trades.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can a trader transfer on the KuCoin platform?

The transfer limit on the KuCoin platform varies depending on the mode of payment, as each of the platforms has its own limits irrespective of the fact that the trader is performing a transaction using Wire transfer, Interac e-Transfer, or Paypal. 

Who can create a sub-account at

A sub-account is basically a secondary account that is used for facilitating investment and asset management strategies. Up to 20 sub-account can be created by a VIP5-V.I.P.9 main account, and upto 100 sub-accounts can be made by VIP10-VIP 16. 

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