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In today’s world, with everyone coveting their mobile phones like a child craves candies, this device has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. It has brought about a revolutionary change in our environment, and people of all ages, from children to older people, are stuck to their screens. If taught how to use this device efficiently, one can benefit. Mobile phones have brought changes in all aspects of life, making this device an advantageous and disadvantageous invention. Some may argue that mobile phones are only for the good of all, but that is not true. People tend to exploit things around them, which makes it a disadvantageous invention. Today, we will look into the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Let’s look into it.

100 Word Essay on Mobile Phones: Advantage Or Disadvantage

Everybody has their ways and perspectives of looking at things around them. Some only look at the positives, while some analyze both positive and negative. While technology is a boon to the society, it also comes with drawbacks. Today, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile phone. Mobile phones help us to capture memories and store them forever, help us to connect with people, make our work easy with just a few clicks, and allow us to enjoy games and music at the same time. However, it can be a disadvantage, too, if one uses it uncontrollably. It can harm your eyes, disrupt your attention, restrict your movements, and make sleeping difficult. Overall, balance is the key to maintaining a proper lifestyle, and thus, one needs to use the resources around them efficiently.

200 Words Essay On Mobile Phones: Advantage Or Disadvantage

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Some argue that they have helped society and industries evolve, while others say they have not. There are many reasons to form either of those opinions about the device. Like every coin, it has two sides and mobile phones do, too. They have helped people to a great extent, but they also have many drawbacks.

One can earn from their mobile phones by using various features that it provides. People can connect and interact with people around the globe through video calling or mobile calling options. It allows people to work with companies around the world. One can click pictures and make memories digitally forever.

 These were some of its positive aspects. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Mobile phones can help one to earn no doubt but it can losses too because of hacking and scams. People use their mobiles for irrelevant purposes and spread hate. Cyberbullying is another problem caused by mobile phones. Excessive use of mobile phones lead to various health problems and lifestyle related diseases.

In conclusion, these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Control and balance are the keys to preventing any damage. Excessive use of anything causes harm.

500 Words Essay On Mobile Phones: Advantage Or Disadvantage

Mobile phones have brought a drastic change around us, and it has become a topic of debate whether they are an advantage or disadvantage. Let us look at some of its advantages and disadvantages.



Since COVID-19, everyone has started using their mobile phones for everything, from online schooling to official meetings or events. Everything happens online, and mobile phones help people do all this from one single device.


With the help of mobile phones, we can easily connect with people on the other side of the world and chat. There is no need to book expensive flights to see someone or write letters. Now, anyone can contact anyone quickly with a mobile phone anytime.


Because of mobile phones, today, it is just one click away to contact anyone in an emergency situation. It has made it easy to ensure the safety of our favorite ones in many ways.


The idea of using and carrying cash and real money with us all the time became an old thought. Now, any payment and transaction can be made with a few clicks whenever and wherever possible! Mobile applications have made it easy for everyone to fearlessly go around without worrying about losing cash.


Mobile phones have so many ways in which they help us out, but one of the most engaging ones is entertainment. One can get many sorts of entertainment on their mobile. From music, watching online videos and shows, playing games, talking to loved ones, etc.


In today’s day, when everybody is working from home, mobile phones come in handy and help us earn our bread. There are so many ways people can use their mobile phones efficiently and make a living out of them.

Now let us look at some disadvantages:

Time consumption

While using mobile phones, people forget about wasting their time on it. People tend to use it unproductively, leading to ignoring the importance of time. Games and excessive social media use lead to mindlessly using your mobiles and wasting time.

Health issues

Mobile phones have made us lazy and unproductive. Everything is just one click away because of the device, and now, our motor movements have been restricted. Because of mobiles, we stick to the screens and have become so lazy that we do everything we want to do, we just look at it but don’t put it into action.

visual impairment

Our eyes are getting severely affected by excessive mobile use. Kids are getting spectacles because they play games and watch videos without any preventions. Eyes get red, and strain causes serious issues for some.


Although technology is advantageous for society, some people tend to use it for immoral purposes. Scamming and hacking have become serious threats and are happening quite often.

Anxiety and sleep disorders

Some people are facing insomnia and anxiety issues because of mobile phones. Sleep deprivation has become rather common these days because of late-night gaming and streaming, and hence, routines are getting disrupted.


Some people have become victims of cybercrime and cyberbullying. There are many cases related to cybercrime and how it affects one’s life. People facing this are being tracked, their accounts get hacked, and their activities and data are captured and seized.

In conclusion, this shows us the importance of being in control of our lives and be mindful of our decisions. This device has made our lives easy and is one of the greatest inventions of mankind but even then it has drawbacks which cannot be neglected.

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Can we use mobile phone while charging?

There is no such harm at using mobile phone while charging. Only thing is that it takes longer to charge when we use it while charging.

How many hours should we use our mobile per day?

It is recommended that one should use their mobiles less than 2 hours per day.

How can using phone affect our brain?

Using phone excessively can lead to sleep disorders such as insomnia, anxiety issues, visual impairment, make us lazy, and also affects our social and emotional lives.

Why have mobile phones become so important?

Mobile phones have become human’s best-friend because it always stays with us and helps us in every situation possible. Mobile phones have made the our lives very easy and fast paced.

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