Elon Musk Criticize Apple Publicly 

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Apple also announced its new collaboration with OpenAI in their annual event, WWDC, and ensured that both companies would work together in the development of AI. After this event, Elon Musk heavily trolled Apple on the X. He poked Apple and even threatened to ban phones in their companies. A new AI video generator released for the public gives tough competition to OpenAI’s Sora and Runaway. From these exciting updates to the Army in the development of AI, Let’s delve into all the weekly AI updates.

Trending News of the Week

Luma AI’s new bomb, “Dream Machine”


Luma AI is an AI startup in America that mainly works on developing 3D AI models using text descriptions and images. The company recently launched its AI video generator called “Dream Machine,” which is extremely viral on the X, and people are shocked and surprised to see its result. Like its name, the model is converting anyone’s dream into a reality due to its ability to generate high-quality videos with amazing cinematography and motion. It is incredibly fast and capable of generating 120 frames in 120 seconds; plus, unlike its competitors, Sora and Kling, Dream Machine is currently free for anyone to use.

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Google’s Deepmind developed an AI Brain.

Google Deepmind and Harvard University researchers jointly built a virtual rat packed with artificial intelligence to understand how the brain controls body movements. It works like this: To understand the brain’s behavior, researchers trained a virtual rat to mimic the whole body movements of a rat in a physical simulator while the neural network is like a web of different layers connected like a human brain. Then, the researchers compare the actions of real and virtual rodents when performing the same task. This is a big thing as, in the future, it will help to develop new solutions in the world of Physical AI.

USA Army’s Involvement in AI development

OpenAI recently announced that Paul M. Nakasone, a retired U.S. Army General and Former head of the NSA, has joined its board of directors. As AI improves and slowly integrates in every possible way into our lives, the chances of cyberattacks will increase. Nakasone’s expertise in cybersecurity and related fields will help the company tackle future challenges and enhance its critical safety and security.

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Apple’s new AI updates

Elon Musk Criticize Apple Publicly 

The biggest highlight of last week was the Apple WWDC(Worldwide Developer Conference). In this event, Apple revealed many AI updates for their upcoming iOS 18 and coined a new term, “Apple Intelligence.” The new updates include the development of Apple Integellience, which helps users in any form of writing content, priority notifications and messages, smart replies using AI, Siri with many AI updates, AI Genmoji, and many more.
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Elon Musk comment on Apple WWDC

In WWDC 2024, Apple announced its collaboration with OpenAI with their new AI, “Apple Intelligence,” soon, all Apple devices will get an AI update. As you all know, any AI model needs data to run, and the same is true of ChatGPT. Elon Musk raised the same question on X: “Apple Intelligence” is powered by ChatGPT.

There is a chance of data sharing with the OpenAI to perform some tasks, and Musk found this to be against privacy and openly said to ban iPhones in their companies; he also shared some memes on X, poking Apple for this collaboration. However, Apple assured their users that their data would be protected and that all the backend processing would be done on the device and in Apple Cloud.

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Elon Musk Officially withdrew his lawsuit from OpenAI

OpenAI was founded as a Non-profit company in 2015, with some founding members, including Elon Musk, and a vision to develop a safe and beneficial artificial intelligence model. Later, Musk left the company due to some issues and denounced OpenAI related to its “non-profit” pledge. This year, in February, Elon filed a lawsuit against OpenAI for making such a huge investment and breaking the mission of OpenAI, which had started. Now, Elon Musk withdrew his lawsuit against OpenAI without explanation.

Zeta Labs announced Jace

Zeta is an AI startup founded by former Meta employees. It recently announced that Jace is an AI assistant that helps users perform any actions in their browser. This allows users to handle real-world tasks such as researching and booking flights, handling a hiring process, and even setting up a new company. Powered by Zeta’s own AWA-1 (Autonomous Web Agent) model, Jace can easily interact with websites like any human. Let’s see the future of this AI assistant and the company.

Synthflow new AI conversational agent

Elon Musk Criticize Apple Publicly 

Synthflow is an AI startup that developed new AI conversational agents that can communicate in nearly any language, in any voice. Now, these agents can fluently interact in Spanish, German, French, English, and more. This would be a great product for any company to interact with customers in different part of the world.   

Trending AI Tools

  • Namify (Click here to try)
    An AI Tool that helps to generate a unique business name and logos.
  • Rows (Click here to try)
    An AI-powered spreadsheet that is connected to your business. It helps the business to store and maintain the data in a proper format.
  • BraveLeo AI (Click here to try)
    An AI assistant is directly added to the Brave browser. It helps the users to get answers with strong privacy.
  • Dottypost (Click here to try)
    An AI tool that helps the users to create engaging LinkedIn carousels easily.
  • Mapify (Click here to try)
    An AI tool that helps the users to create a mind map easily from different sources.

Prompt of the Week

Elon Musk Criticize Apple Publicly 

Most famous LLMs, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, etc., have a computer vision feature that helps users ask questions by uploading pictures, PDFs, designs, etc. So, we will use this feature to improve the users’ designs. To use it, you must have a design and let the AI create magic for you. 

Here is the prompt:

Act as a graphic designer expert whose expertise in <describe the design such as logos, banners, posters, etc.> for more than 15 years. You have made over 100K designs for startups, businesses, tech giants, etc., and you also graduated in Psychology, so the design is more human-appealing. I will provide you with my design, and your job is to analyze the design more than three times by checking the aspect ratio, exact text, placement of elements, and the importance of spelling. After the proper analysis, give me feedback to improve the design and make it visually appealing. 

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Job Listing

  • Senior Computer Vision & Generative AI Engineer, Apple(Click here to apply)
    Apple is currently seeking for a highly skillled and experienced Computer Vision and Generative AI Engineer. The candidate must have a profiency in any progeaamming language with an experience of colloborating in crosss functional team. The candidate must have expertise in generative models, 3D reconstruction, pose estimation and tracking. Overall, the candiate need to be a blend of design,coding and implementation.
  • AI/ML – Platform, Principal Machine Learning Engineer, Apple(Click here to apply)
    Apple is also hiring for the job role of AI/ML Platform Engineer. The candidate must have industry experience of working in the field of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. The candidate must have proficiency in Python programming language along with its libraries.
  • Software Engineering Manager, AR AI, Meta(Click here to apply)
    Meta is seeking for an Augumented Reality AI engineer. The main job of these engineers to work on the Meta Smart Glasses. The candidate must have an industry experience of five years in the foeld of LLM,NLP and developing AI solutions. The candidate must be proficient in ML frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow along with mutli modal modeling of computer vision.

This concludes our exploration of AI updates for this week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week! 🔥❤️⚡🤖📷

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