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This article aims to review the BYDFI Global Partner Program. BYDFI provides its users with multiple affiliate programs to gain profits.

The platform offers you to become their partner and claim commissions up to 2500 USDT/ month in this program.

With its new corporate slogan, “Grow Your Future in the Yard”, BYDFI intends to help investors worldwide to achieve their goals by offering a one-stop financial trading service.


  • BYDFI is among the leading global cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, which offers its users a Global Partner Program and helps traders grow using their one-stop financial trading service.
  • There is a list of requirements that must be met if you wish to participate that include you must be an expert key opinion leader in the crypto space, must-own communities where there are active users, Traders of other exchanges, etc. 
  • You can easily claim the reward by filling out the response form.
  • The rewards include a monthly salary of up to 2500 USDT, multi-level commissions, exclusive gifts, a premium experience of the BYDFI Products and much more. 
  • BYDFI offers three levels of partnership in this program: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior partnerships based on the responsibilities according to which the user can claim the rewards.
  • The keynotes inform about the limitations and in case of fraud which you can read about in detail below in this article. 
  • Furthermore, rules define the term active users, and monthly salary includes both USDT and BYD; the commission gets suspended when there are no active members for 3 months, and what happens when the requirements are not met. 
  • Next, terms and conditions say that existing affiliate users can’t participate in this program, the partner must guide the community users, they cannot promote or with any other platforms, in an unauthorized activity case, you cannot claim any benefits, and lastly, BYDFI reserves the right to change or withdraw the article.
  • However, BYDFI informs the users that there is risk involved in Cryptocurrency trading.

What is BYDFI?

Founded in 2019, BYDFI is one of the leading global cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. The platform constantly tries to optimize and upgrade itself for its users.

Its new corporate slogan is “BUIDL Your Dream Finance”, with the intent of providing its traders with constant help to its investors worldwide to attain their goals by making the BYDFI exchange a one-stop financial trading service.

BYDFI offers the following services, including professional contract trading and spot trading services, and a long list of popular global assets such as forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities, and has built amazing trading tools, including copy trading and grid trading bots to provide a user-friendly experience to its users.


BYDFI: General Features

  • The main intent of the platform is to provide a simplified trading experience to its traders with a simple philosophy of “Complex contracts, simple trade.”
  • The trading options available on BYDFI are spot trading, futures contract trading, copy trading, leveraged trading, and margin trading
  • The products offered by BYDFI include leveraged trading instruments on various cryptocurrencies with their unique contract offerings where the trader places the trades without much stress.
  • BYDFI exchange has a simple registration process and offers you several digital currencies and plans to add fiat to their platform.
  • BYDFI app has a pretty simple and straightforward user interface and is available for both Android and iOS. 
  • This particular platform provides a demo account that demonstrates and assists the traders to familiarize themselves with the platform.
  • This platform also has multiple risk management features that include stop-loss and take-profit potential along with bonus campaigns.
Bydfi Platform
BYDFI Features


There are some requirements that the users must meet in order to participate in this global program. These requirements are as follows:

  • You have to be a famous and expert key opinion leader in the crypto space.
  • Users who own communities where there are active users. 
  • There should be a Self-media of the user with continuous quality content output.
  • Traders of other exchanges.
  • Agents and partners of other exchanges.
  • You must be an experienced blockchain believer, with enough free time, active and knowledgeable.

How to Claim the reward?

To claim the reward, you need to fill out this response form. In addition, the user must note that a review notice must be sent to them by email within two working days.  

Benefits and Bonus

There are multiple partner benefits that the user can claim by being a part of this program, including: 

  • You can be awarded up to 2500 USDT monthly salary. 
  • This particular platform offers the most competitive as well as multi-level commissions in this industry, along with up to 30% on the contract.
  • You can also be entitled to exclusive gifts, including holiday gifts.
  • BYDFI also prioritizes the users who are their partners and provides those users with a premium experience of the BYDFI Products.
  • The platform organizes the star of the month program in which BYDFI selects masterful Key opinion leaders for supporting them officially. 
  • In addition, this platform also awards them with their potential platform coin, BYD.
Bydfi Deposit Bonus
BYDFI Deposit Bonus

Partner Responsibilities & Rewards

There are three levels of partnership in this program based on the responsibilities according to which the user can claim the rewards, which are as follows:

Junior Partner 

  • The monthly salary of a Junior Partner is up to 600 USDT, and another BYD bonus of 600 is credited to the users’ account.
  • The number of active users in the community should be 5 with a 20% commission.   
  • These partners should have more than 100 views on nearly 5 videos and have over 5 comments. 
  • In addition, there should be more than 30 daily messages in the community.
  • The community size must be over 100 people, or the social media followers are more than 500. 

Intermediate Partner

  • With a monthly salary and BYD bonus of up to 1200, each is the Intermediate partner. 
  • A commission of up to 25% is charged, with the presence of 10 active members of the community being a must. 
  • The required community size to fall into this category is more than 500 people or more than 1000 followers on social media platforms. 
  • There should be more than 500 views along with more than 10 comments on nearly 5 videos. 
  • Furthermore, the daily messages in the community must be over 50. 

Senior Partner

  • The senior partnership offers the highest monthly salary and BYD bonus of 2500 USDT each, along with a commission of 30%. 
  • Further, the community size should be over 1000 people, in which there are 20 active users or social media followers of more than 2000 people.
  • Lastly, the average number of views on 5 videos should be more than 1000 and should have over 20 comments. 
Bydfi Global Partnership Program
BYDFI (BYDFI) Global partnership program

BYDFI Rights 

  1. You are supposed to promote all BYDFI’s official activities in your own community.
  2. BYDFI staff will also join the community you have. 
  3. The community profile photo must be changed to BYDFI Logo.


Some keynotes are also shared by the platform that the user participating in this program must be aware of that are:

  • This program activity is for the participation of new agents only. 
  • Any referral that is signed using sponsored links from search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc., will be rejected. 
  • Initially, when the partners sign up, BityYard will analyze and categorize them under the partnership level based on the number of community members and their active participation.  
  • Further, the partners will receive a monthly salary and BYD bonus based on this partnership level analyzed by the platform.
  • To become a higher-level partner, the partner can apply for a grade review after the end of each month. If you pass this grade review, you will get promoted. 
  •  Partners must invite at least the number of active users every month according to the partnership levels. If the conditions mentioned above are not met, you will not receive the rewards. 
  •  At the end of each month, the performance of the partner will be reviewed, after which the rewards will be sent out. 
  • Your monthly salary will be transacted to your BYDFI account within the duration of 10 business days after the settlement date (for both USDT and BYD). 
  • The commissions will be paid to you in real-time. The invitations for this month will not be accumulated for the next month. Commissions are given out in USDT to the partner’s BYDFI wallet.
  • You can only calculate the direct referrals’ transaction fee of the following contract products: CFDs, FX, and derivatives.


  1. The platform clearly defines the term active users as :
  • All new users register using the referral code succeeding the BYDFI Global Partner program launch.
  • The deposit amount of the user is over US$100 (equivalent to other cryptocurrencies).
  • The user’s withdrawal amount is less than 50% of the deposit amount every month. 
  • The monthly transaction fee of the user is more than $200.
  1. If the requirements are not fulfilled by the partners each month, the partners will not receive their monthly salary, but the commission will be paid based on your partnership level.
  2. The composition of the monthly salary includes both USDT and BYD. BYD is the potential platform coin which is an additional reward
  3. If you cannot attract any new active users for three consecutive months, the commission and salary of the user will be suspended. 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. The existing affiliate users are prohibited from repetitively participating in the Global Partnership program.
  2. The partner is expected to guide the community users on time as well as get rid of misunderstandings if any. 
  3. The platform anticipates that the partners will remain loyal and must not promote or engage with any other Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  4. Suppose any unauthorized activity is detected by BYDFI, like self-inviting yourself by creating multiple fake accounts. In that case, all the perks that include all referrals, bonuses, and kickbacks for the invitee’s accounts will be taken back.
  5. The platform reserves the right to change or withdraw the article where it shares the information regarding this program and/or the Affiliate Program’s terms without any reason, at any time, and without sending out any preliminary notice.  

Risk Involved 

Along with providing considerable profits to traders, Cryptocurrency trading involves a number of risks in this emerging market.

However, there is a lower barrier to entering this market and a very narrow exit due to technological constraints, currency convertibility, and few counterparties with whom to trade. Furthermore, the risk of cyber threats is always present. 


BYDFI offers you a number of ways in which you can earn more quickly. These programs act as a great passive income that you can utilize.

Furthermore, daily mining can help you earn USDT and BYD tokens. Its great user interface, easy navigation, and low exchange fees platform make it suitable and a great choice for beginners. In addition, you can also buy crypto via FIAT through OTC counters. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is BYDFI legit? 

BYDFI acquired financial service licences from the United States Financial Supervisory Authority (MSB), the Australian Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC), the Estonian Financial Regulatory Authority (MTR), and the Business Administration of Singapore ( ACRA). Therefore, it’s safe to use. Furthermore, It practices the best standard to secure your cryptocurrencies.

Q2. What is BYD? 

BYDFI Token(BYD) is a decentralized digital asset based on Ethereum with a total supply of 210 M. Every new user receives 6 BYD after registration. Each BYDFI account receives up to sixteen BYD. 

Q3. How to get your account registered on BYDFI?

Registering yourself on this platform is a pretty straightforward process. You just need to follow these steps:
To get started, open the website of BYDFI and click on the option “Get Started” in the top right corner. 
Secondly, enter the details asked and set a strong password. 
Next, enter the verification code.
Lastly, click on register to create the account.

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