BXH Loses $139 M, in Latest Crypto Hack

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Key takeaways:

  • According to a tweet from the network, the assets of the decentralised transaction protocol BXH was hacked on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Bxh Loses $139 M
BXH Loses $139 M

Binance Smart Chain, has a slew of decentralised apps sprouting up on its network. Unfortunately, many of these projects appear to be hacked. This is because of the nature of these initiatives and their purpose of being a get rich quick platform rather than a breakthrough financing tool.

Since, retail investors primarily utilise BSC while Ethereum is the primary blockchain with genuine technological breakthroughs, many of BSC’s most popular dApps are just clones of Ethereum’s.

BXH Blockchain tweeted about the latest loss totalling up to 4000 ETH, “We are sorry to announce that BXH was attacked on BinanceChain. Other chains’ assets are safe. We are cooperating with BSC and Peckshield to follow up and trace.”

BXH’s message included an apology for the attack

“Although assets on HECO, OEC, and Ethereum are secure, we have paused the deposit and withdrawal service for security concerns.

Assets had been transmitted to the following hacking addresses:

BSC: 0x48C94305BDDfd80c6F4076963866D968Cac27d79

ETH: 0x48C94305BDDfd80c6F4076963866D968Cac27d79

BTC: 1JwQxqfcHJn3nRgjFv3ZJD2MqUywbKu9oU

These addresses must be blacklisted and frozen by CEX and DeFi providers. To follow up and track, we are collaborating with BSC Security and security partner Perkshield.

If the exploiters return the funds soon, their acts will be classified as white hat, and they will be awarded a bonus.”

According to SlowMist, the total sum taken exceeds 130 million US dollars.

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