Blockchain Association Counters Sen. Warren’s Criticism on Crypto Hiring

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Key takeaways:

  • The Blockchain Association has responded to a US Senator’s criticism of government-related hiring in the crypto sector.
  • Coin Centre CEO Jerry Brito described Warren’s letter as impertinent and a “bullying publicity stunt.”

The Blockchain Association, a significant nonprofit that promotes the environment and the digital asset economy, has responded to US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of government-related hiring in the cryptocurrency sector.

CEO of the Blockchain Association, Kristin Smith, wrote an open letter to Warren on January 9, requesting that they work together on matters such as government officials’ involvement in the sector.

In a letter dated December 18, 2023, Smith offered the Blockchain Association’s cooperation to assist Warren in addressing the concerns she brought up.

In December, Warren made the case in letters to advocacy organizations, including Coin Centre and the Blockchain Association, that several state representatives might be preparing to “audition” for jobs in the cryptocurrency sector while serving the public interest.

She also mentioned rumors that some groups in the cryptocurrency space had assembled a tiny army of ex-law enforcement, national security, and defense personnel with the goal of impeding the regulation of digital assets.

Smith’s most recent correspondence states that the Blockchain Association is fortunate and pleased to have many former law enforcement, national security, and intelligence personnel among its members. Smith stated:

“After leaving government, these public servants could have chosen from myriad, well-deserved professional opportunities. But they were drawn to work in the emerging digital asset industry because they value freedom and creativity,”

Coin Centre CEO Jerry Brito described Warren’s letter as impertinent and a “bullying publicity stunt.” The executive claims that although Warren believes that the public “deserves transparency,” charitable organizations “deserve no privacy from government intrusion.”

Senator Warren of Massachusetts has made a name for herself as a vocal opponent of digital assets in the United States. She has supported several proposals that aim to stop the illegal use of crypto assets for financing terrorism and money laundering. 

Warren has faced criticism in the past, with some calling for her to approach financial independence positively.

Major American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase refuted Warren’s claims in December 2023 that it hired former government employees to obstruct the development of laws governing digital assets.

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