BitMake Crypto Exchange: Trade with Unified Trading Account

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BitMake’s Unified Margin is a risk management technique used in crypto trading. It is a set of rules that determine the amount of funds a trader allocates as collateral when entering or maintaining a position in the market.

The aim is to ensure that the margin requirements are sufficient to cover potential losses that could occur in adverse market conditions.

A BitMake’s UTA (Unified Trading Account) is a type of investment account that allows an investor to use assets in their account and profits from their open positions as collateral to trade on margin.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • BiMake is a prominent crypto exchange that offers a range of trading services, including crypto lending.
  • Further, BitMake offers UTA (Unified Trading Account), spot trading, spot margin trading, and trading perpetual futures contracts.
  • The platform’s core team is made up of experienced professionals from the cryptocurrency sector, assuring flawless operations ever since its debut.
  • BitMake’s Unified Trading Account or UTA allows users to trade through a single account without the hassle of transferring funds internally into different accounts as is the case with Binance.

What is BitMake?

BitMake is a comparatively new crypto trading platform that comes with a range of services including derivatives trading, futures trading, and a Unified Trading Account.

BitMake is a specialized trading platform and has the potential to make a significant impact on the aggressive market for trading cryptocurrency derivatives.

Further, BitMake carries out daily internal settlements, transforming unrealized gains and losses into realized gains and losses. Users can better control their risks and make smarter decisions as a result.

Additionally, it has a strong API function that guarantees precise and quick trades officially through BitMake’s Unified Margin. Of course, this feature is only provided to VIP members for now.

Bitmake Crypto Exchange: Trade With Unified Trading Account

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BitMake App & User Interface

Looking for an excellent way to commence your cryptocurrency trading adventure? Look no further than BitMake app! The platform streamlines crypto trading, making it more accessible and user-friendly for you.

Further, BitMake offers a seamless trading experience because of its clear, user-friendly user interface. This makes it simple for both new users to use the platform and for seasoned traders to effectively execute their strategies.

The BitMake app is available on both Playstore and iOs.

Bitmake App
BitMake App

BitMake’s Unified Trading Account

BitMake’s UTA (Unified Trading Account) is a key characteristic that differentiates it from other platforms. With UTA you can trade in different markets under a single account, including spot trading, perpetual futures trading, and even get on with crypto lending and financing.

A model for a unified trading account increases capital efficiency and does away with the necessity for fund transfer for simple trading. Compared to conventional platforms, it is a more complete, adaptable, and secure choice.

The BitMake’s Unified Margin is a cross-collateral account that enables users to trade USDT Perpetual, USDC Perpetual, and USDC Options at the same time while using all available assets in a single account as collateral—instead of moving assets back and forth between different accounts.

Professional traders, market makers, and institutional investors who trade cryptocurrency derivatives as part of a diversified portfolio should use the Unified Margin Account.

Bitmake'S Unified Margin Account
BitMake’s Unified Margin Account

BitMake’s UTA Comes with a series of benefits, some of which are:

  • Protection from liquidation as your position can increase the capital from the main account.
  • Increased capital efficiency as you don’t have to move funds from one account to another inside BitMake.
  • Different trading options are available with cross-collateral accounts.
  • Unrealized profits can be used as collateral to hedge your positions.
  • Possibility of increasing profits when opening positions with increased capital availability.
  • UTA is beneficial to hedge your losing positions.
Bitmake'S Uta
BitMake’s UTA

UTA and Risk Control at BitMake

BitMake supports leverage of up to 125x; hence, risk management is improved via an automatic position settlement process. With the use of this system, forced liquidation is only carried out when a user’s risk rate reaches 100%.

In order to better control risk, the process also converts unrealized earnings and losses of open positions into realized profits and losses each day at 0:00 UTC. 

The platform also has a strong API feature that enables trades to be completed in under 10 milliseconds, improving trading accuracy and fund security.

Bitmake Trading
BitMake Trading

BitMake vs Bybit vs Binance

After illustrating the features of BitMake’s Unified Margin, it comes to compare it with other known platforms in the said field including Binance and Bybit.

One of the most significant features would be BitMake’s UTA which makes it stand out in the industry. Where one has to transfer funds internally in Binance to trade in different markets, he/ she wouldn’t have to worry about that at BitMake.

In addition to that BitMake has been designed to cater to institutional traders/ investors which is absent in many big exchanges such as Binance and Bybit.

Where you might face limitations during deposits and withdrawals in other major exchanges such as Binance/ Bybit, BitMake stands apart with a range of deposit and withdrawal options.


BitMake’s Unified Margin is the latest invention with outstanding features in comparison to other competitors. It assists customers with capital utilization, elimination of fund transfer needs, and reduction of liquidation risk.

A BitMake’s UTA (Unified Trading Account) also offers greater flexibility in terms of investment strategies, as the investor can quickly and easily switch between different securities as the market condition changes. This can help to reduce risk and maximize returns.

We can say that BitMake is acting at a much higher level of proficiency when compared to other platforms like Binance and Bybit because BitMake has all the good features that other firms offer.

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