Bitcoin Bullets Crypto Signals Review

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Bitcoin Bullets is a crypto signals service that claims to provide the most accurate and profitable trading signals on Telegram. The service is headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and has over 124,000 subscribers on its Telegram channel. In this article, we will examine the origin, the promised returns, the record, the safety, and the conclusion of Bitcoin Bullets, and see if it is a scam or a legit service.


Bitcoin Bullets was founded by a team of anonymous traders and analysts who claim to have been in the crypto space since 2013. The team claims to have developed a secret algorithm called BulletBot, which analyzes the market trends, chart patterns, trading indicators, and news to generate high-quality signals for various crypto assets.

Bitcoin Bullets

The team also claims to have a network of insiders and experts who provide them with exclusive information and insights on the crypto market. However, the team does not provide any proof or verification of their identity, their algorithm, or their network, which raises doubts about their credibility and legitimacy.

The founders group is the same group who also have Fed Russian Insiders and Binance killers crypto service channels. They can often be seen cross-promoting their own channels in order to maximise the subscriber gain.

Promised Returns

Bitcoin Bullets promises to deliver unrealistic and unsustainable returns to its subscribers by following its signals. The service claims to have a success rate of over 90% and an average monthly profit of over 300%.

The service also publishes a monthly performance report on its website, which shows the number of signals, the win rate, the profit, and the drawdown for each month. However, these reports are not verified by any third-party or independent source, and could be easily fabricated or exaggerated by the service.

Bitcoin Bullets Review

The service also claims to offer a variety of signals, such as scalping, swing, long-term, and arbitrage, to suit different trading styles and preferences.

The service also offers a free trial for new subscribers to lure them into its scheme before committing to a subscription.

Record and Pricing

Bitcoin Bullets has a dubious track record of providing accurate and profitable signals to its subscribers, as evidenced by its Telegram channel and its website. The service posts selective updates on its signals.

Currently, the one-month subscription is 0.012 BTC, the 3-month subscription is 0.017 BTC, and the lifetime subscription is 0.022 BTC, which is on the higher side considering the services provided.

In Comparison, we at coincodecap offer way more services like on-demand analysis of any coin, Highly accurate nft signals etc. for way less.

Bitcoin Bullets Coincodecap Signals
$220 per month$70 per month
$450 lifetime( limited offer)$300 lifetime

Alongside this, Coincodecap also offers automated trading with the help of crypto trading bots and 24/7 live trading support with a dedicated team to resolve the trader’s doubt at any given point of time.

The lifetime access of CCC Signals will cost you way less than the 1 month plan of Fed Russian Insiders Services and the money saved will be used in trading!


Bitcoin Bullets is a risky and unreliable crypto signals service, as it has a shady and unprofessional approach to its operations.

The service only provides signals and guidance, and leaves the execution and management of the trades to the subscribers themselves. This could be a way to shift the blame or the burden to the subscribers, or to avoid any accountability or transparency for the performance or the quality of its signals.

The service also has a poor and unresponsive customer support team, which is unavailable or unhelpful to answer any questions or issues that the subscribers may have.


Bitcoin Bullets is a crypto signals service that offers high leverage and highly profitable signals for various crypto assets. The service has a shady and unprofessional approach to its operations. The service is unsuitable for both beginners and experienced traders, as it provides vague explanations, risky management tips, and a misleading trial for its signals.

The service charges an exorbitant fee for its premium signals, which is not worth the value and the results that it provides. Therefore, we do not recommend Bitcoin Bullets as a crypto signals service, and we advise you to stay away from it or trying at your own risk.

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Harsh Panghal
Harsh Panghal

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