8 Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana 

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Investors who own assets across many platforms frequently use numerous exchanges, blockchains, and protocols. Portfolio trackers are now needed by professional bitcoin investors. You can effortlessly manage asset allocation across many wallets and chains and keep an eye on your holdings with the correct tracker. In this article, we will dive deep into the best portfolio tracker for Solana. 

Top 8 Portfolio Tracker on Solana 


  • The CoinStats platform provides easy connectivity with several exchanges and wallets, making tracking easier by automatically adding assets to portfolios.
  • Using this tool, users can monitor their assets and evaluate both the overall performance of their portfolio and each individual asset—whether it be a DeFi project, an NFT, or a crypto token.
  • A global user base is served by the CoinStats portfolio tracking tool, which also makes financial planning easier and allows users to view the value of their assets in various fiat currencies.
  • On the other hand, customers can see the worth of their portfolio in Ethereum or Bitcoin. This customizable feature allows people to examine their holdings in a way that fits their goals and preferences.
  • In addition to buying and swapping crypto, you can utilize it by putting your holdings in the Coinstats Earn feature and earning a passive income. 
  • Users can examine price fluctuations, transaction volumes, and liquidity on the Uniswap decentralized exchange by using CoinStats’ Uniswap Analytics. Users of Uniswap can use real-time data to inform their strategic decision-making.
  • View the past performance of Ethereum and Bitcoin with the CoinStats Rainbow Charts. Visualize important indicators and patterns to gain insights into possible trends and market cycles.
  • Navigate the market’s emotional waves with CoinStats’ Fear and Greed Index. Assess market mood efficiently and add a crucial dimension to your decision-making.
Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana : Coinstats
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : Coinstats

Step Finance

  • A decentralized portfolio viewing tool called Step Finance compiles all of the assets in a user’s cryptocurrency wallet.
  • The tokens (including NFTs), their sizes, and the actions taken with the cryptocurrency in the wallet—such as farming and staking—are all displayed.
  • The purpose of the STEP tokens is to compensate holders and users.
  • Step’s tokenomics rewards holders and users while encouraging platform usage.
  • You may use this Dashboard application to get the estimated worth of all the coins you own. “Net Worth” is used to indicate this.
  • You may easily swap your cryptocurrency tokens for other tokens with Step Finance’s Swap tool. Many users of decentralized applications use this as their go-to tool since it simplifies trading different coins.
  • A user’s Step token can be staked to gain xStep. Through staking, the Step token holders receive a dividend on their STEP, which is derived from the revenue earned by the Step Finance protocol.
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : Step Finance


  • Another amazing choice among the best portfolio tracker for Solana is SonarWatch provides a comprehensive overview of one’s wallet.
  • A history page that provides an extensive trend of your wallets is available; it displays the portfolio’s performance as a chart.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends in the Solana ecosystem on Sonar Watch’s statistics page, which displays the largest gainers and losers in real time. Although Sonarwatch only shows the NFTs in the portfolio at this time, it tracks NFTs in an easy manner as well.
  • Sonar quickly resolved this by integrating Jupiter’s API and enabling token swapping right on their platform.
  • SOL may be natively staked on SonarWatch using Marinade.
  • Users must get SOL from each serum-awaiting asset to close any open orders or DEX accounts or settle the cash.
  • Additionally, users can unwrap wSOL—which is essentially SOL wrapped in a different blockchain—directly to SOL on SonarWatch.
  • The IL Calculator uses straightforward inputs to compute impermanent loss, allowing liquidity providers to assess their performance.
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : SonarWatch

Nansen Portfolio 

  • It offers a comprehensive look at your wallet, revealing your tokens’ transaction history, past performance, and in-depth insights into DeFi positions and NFTs.
  • Keep Track of Many Addresses in One Portfolio. Easily monitor all of your transactions and balances in one location.
  • Exchange wallet addresses on popular blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other EVM and non-EVM chains, are consolidated, making it simple for users to monitor their exchange holdings from a single, all-inclusive dashboard.
  • Only a few spots are available in the market with the exclusive group of crypto investors on Alpha, a professionally regulated community.
  • Nansen Portfolio offers a special and dedicated section for professionally data-driven crypto research, which users can explore to educate themselves. Additionally, there are insights, blogs, guides, newsletters, and much more. 
  • Furthermore, Nansen 2 is the most powerful version of Nansen for Onchain analytics. It tracks key movements and metrics and analyzes effortlessly to navigate more effectively. 
  • It gives crypto teams more power by enabling easy execution of complex queries and optimizing workflows to convert on-chain data into strategic insights.
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : Nansen Portfolio


  • With Oxygen Protocol, users may earn interest, borrow assets, and trade straight from their pool thanks to a decentralized financial infrastructure that facilitates borrowing, lending, and trading with leverage.
  • Additionally, it has a non-custodial wallet that gives users complete control over their digital assets without charging custody fees. Users can send, receive, store, and exchange digital assets with this wallet.
  • By simultaneously borrowing and lending out your assets, oxygen helps you increase your portfolio’s yield. This feature makes Oxygen stand out among the best portfolio tracker for solana.
  • When you wish to borrow other assets, you can use your entire portfolio as collateral, which lowers the margin call and liquidation risk associated with your portfolio.
  • The Oxygen protocol is based on order books rather than a predetermined market model that requires manual adjustments. 
  • It ensures risk management by keeping segregated assets where each portfolio is segregated. 
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : Oxygen


  • When asset diversification occurs in a domain where different tokens are spread over numerous blockchains, a complete solution to track and aggregate these assets becomes essential.
  • The goal of the De.Fi explores yield tools to simplify the often tricky process of yield farming by giving users a thorough resource to evaluate and compare possible returns from different DeFi protocols.
  • This security tool, the De.Fi Scanner has two functions: it helps investors find good possibilities and is a vital defense against scams and flaws.
  • Another DeFi security product in the De.Fi Web3 Antivirus Suite is the De.Fi Shield. Its purpose is to enable users in the decentralized finance ecosystem to audit the approvals of their tokens. 
  • A thorough overview of several tokens, including their current prices, market capitalizations, and other pertinent information, is provided on their crypto market page.
  • Scanner ratings are a crucial component of the Crypto Market website. Based on in-depth investigations, these ratings offer a brief overview of each token’s security and dependability.
  • The “Safety” option is one of the Crypto Market page’s most notable features. This provides quick access to security rating data for hundreds of the most often-used tokens.
  • De.Fi provides a full range of tools, such as Audit Database and REKT Database, to inform and shield consumers in an ever-changing environment.
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : De.Fi


  • CoinLedger is a platform for managing cryptocurrency portfolios and filing taxes. It works with various digital assets and NFTs and saves you money on taxes.
  • Track your cryptocurrency holdings for free on your well-known wallets and exchanges.
  • It enables you to connect to blockchains like Ethereum and exchanges like Coinbase instantly.
  • View your cryptocurrency performance on CoinLedger with real-time charts that display your profit and loss, holding duration, cost basis, and market value.
  • You don’t have to use a different site to file cryptocurrency taxes. CoinLedger can assist you in quickly calculating your cryptocurrency taxes during tax season.
  • You can save money on taxes by using it to find your tax-loss harvesting opportunities quickly.
  • Use the “Invite Your Tax Professional” feature to send your accountant an invitation by clicking the Add Tax Professional button if you would like to share your crypto tax report with them.
  • One method for fixing frequent report problems that can occur when using CoinLedger is error reconciliation.
  • CoinLedger offers multiple ways to import your data from wallets, blockchains, and exchanges.
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : Coinledger


  • Using cryptocurrency portfolio tracking, you can centrally connect your wallets and cryptocurrency trading platforms. It offers manual CSV uploads and an automated API import tool for various exchange accounts.
  • CoinTracker uses portfolio management tools to calculate gains and losses across assets. The platform makes it simple to search and filter while unifying your trade history file across all DeFi services.
  • This system also facilitates fee tracking. It computes the fees paid for various transactions and facilitates their cost-based tracking.
  • Using the crypto portfolio tracker, you can get real-time asset values across all investment platforms. This is useful, particularly when you have to act quickly to buy or sell to profit or prevent price declines.
  • CoinTracker computes Annual Percentage Yields (APY) and tracks staking durations to ensure you stay on top of NFT and cryptocurrency staking rewards. 
  • According to CoinTracker’s website, the platform is compatible with at least 500 digital asset wallets and over 10,000 cryptocurrency assets.
  • This platform offers a free-to-use NFT center where users can receive various NFT support services that can help them flip NFTs and raise the collection’s total value.
8 Best Portfolio Tracker For Solana 
Best Portfolio Tracker for Solana : Cointracker


As the DeFi ecosystem expands across numerous blockchains and protocols, it can become increasingly challenging to stay on top of your investments. However, with the right cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, you can make informed decisions, effectively manage your finances, and confidently work towards your financial goals. It’s crucial to explore the mentioned best portfolio tracker for solana options available and choose the one that best aligns with your needs, empowering you to take control of your cryptocurrency investments.

Can I use Excel to make my cryptocurrency portfolio tracker?

With the cryptocurrency market’s volatility, using a crypto Excel spreadsheet to account for minute-by-minute fluctuations in your portfolio is tough therefore it is advised to choose from the aforementioned list of the best portfolio tracker for solana .

Are Crypto portfolio trackers secure?

The best portfolio tracker for solana need read-only APIs; they can’t execute transactions or transfers. Platforms such as CoinLedger also utilize the highest security standards to ensure the safety of your data.

How should I keep an eye on my portfolio for taxation?

CoinLedger and CoinTracker are two examples of well-known tax tracking platforms along with being the best porfolio tracker for solana. Using these tools, you may import your transaction history and create precise tax reports.  

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