6 Best Monero Wallets (XMR Wallet)

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Monero(XMR) is one of the top cryptocurrencies focused on privacy and censorship resistance. There are a lot of crypto wallets that support Monero, but we have picked the best Monero wallets for you.

1. Best Monero Wallet: Cake Wallet

Cake Wallet is a Monero-only wallet with easy onboarding and multiple exciting features. It allows you to create multiple wallets with the same app, and you will control all your keys.

In, the wallet has multiple security features such as biometric authentication, pin support, and cloud backup.

Cake wallet is very beginner-friendly with advanced features such as adding your own remote Monero node.

Above all, it also integrated ChangeNow inside the app using which you can convert Monero with different cryptocurrencies. 

Features of Cake wallet

  • You control your keys
  • Completely Open source
  • Monero’s unique subaddress
  • Create multiple wallets and accounts with cloud backup
  • Remote node support
  • support crypto exchange (ChangeNow, MorphTrade, XMR.to)
  • Easy onboarding, Dark mode, and biometric authentication 
  • Maintain Address book
  • Multi-language support
  • Available only on Mobile
6 Best Monero Wallets (Xmr Wallet)

2. Best Monero Wallet: Monerujo wallet

Monerujo is a monero-only wallet for advanced users with tons of features. It is entirely open-source and supports multiple wallet and account creation.

Because Monerujo is a light wallet, therefore you need to select the Monero node (It scan all the available nodes and shows you). You can also add your own Monero node. 

The wallet offers the password and fingerprint feature for security. However, Monerujo is suitable for advanced users. 

Features of Monerujo wallet

  • You hold your keys
  • Completely open source
  • Pay BTC Addresses through XMR.to
  • View only XMR wallet
  • Add your remote node
  • Allow you to use a specific remote node for every transaction
  • Multiple accounts and wallet support
  • Secure your wallet using Password and fingerprint 
  • Available only on Mobile
6 Best Monero Wallets (Xmr Wallet)

3. Best Monero Wallet: MyMonero

Mymonero is an open-source Monero-only wallet. It has a simple design and is beginner-friendly.

With MyMonero, you can create multiple wallets and control your keys. In addition, you can create contacts for a better payment experience.

It’s a lightweight, minimalist wallet with a good user experience.

Features of MyMonero wallet

  • You control your keys
  • Linux and as well as web XMR wallet 
  • Create contracts
  • Multi-wallet support
  • Desktop, mobile, and online monero wallet
  • Use password for security
6 Best Monero Wallets (Xmr Wallet)

4. Best Monero Wallet: Edge Wallet

Edge is a multicurrency wallet with Monero support. It is open-source and provides basic privacy features. However, the Edge wallet doesn’t allow you to add your custom monero node.

It creates an account on the device which will be used to unlock and restore your wallet but do not provide your private keys, though private keys and account information never leave your device.

Edge wallet also allows you to buy and sell Monero using fiat and swap XMR with other altcoins and vice-versa.

Features of Edge wallet

  • Complete control over your Monero
  • Basic privacy and transparency
  • Supports multicurrency
  • Available on Andriod and IOS
  • Buy, sell Monero using fiat
  • Swap cryptocurrencies
6 Best Monero Wallets (Xmr Wallet)

5. Best Monero Wallet: Monero Official Wallet

Monero’s official desktop wallet is an open-source Monero-only wallet. It has a simple design and supports different modes based on the user’s requirement. 

  1. Simple mode (Light wallet)
  2. Simple mode with Monero full node 
  3. Advance node with Monero full node

For instance, if you are a beginner, you would like to use the simple light wallet, however, you can also support the network by running a full node with your wallet.

In addition, the wallet lets you control your keys and support all basic wallet features.

Official crypto wallets are best for security; however, always double-check if you are downloading the wallet from the official website. 

Monero Official Wallet Features 

  • Maintained by Monero team
  • Support view-only XMR wallet
  • Multiple accounts and wallet support
  • Available only on Desktop
  • Manage contacts using the address book
  • Support simple and advance 
  • 30+ language support
6 Best Monero Wallets (Xmr Wallet)

Monero (XMR) Hardware Wallets

Monero also funded a dedicated Monero hardware wallet project, Kastelo. It’s an Open Source hardware wallet focused on private and censorship-resistant transactions. 

Other than that latest versions Trezor and Ledger also support Monero. 

Let us know what you think about our best monero wallets list and which XMR wallet you use and why?

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