10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

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Cash advance apps like Dave have grown in popularity over the last few years because they provide users with quick and easy access to short-term loans. Statistics show that by 2024, these alternative apps will have witnessed a significant increase in usage as more people seek loans. Here, in this article we have found 10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave for you!

What is Dave Cash App?

Cash Advance Apps

The Dave Cash app is a mobile application that helps you manage your finances and avoid overdraft fees. It provides a secure and quick method to manage your costs and save money.

With Dave, you can get a salary advance to cover unexpected needs until your next paycheck arrives. It also provides insights into your spending habits and makes recommendations to help you save more.

List of 10 Best Cash Advance Apps

1. EarnIn

Best Cash Advance Apps

EarnIn is a cash advance software that allows you to borrow up to $750 of your earnings before payday with the Cash Out feature. This borrowing amount is substantially more than most cash advance apps, and unlike payday loans, Cash Outs does not charge any interest or financing costs.

To qualify for EarnIn Cash Outs, you must be working, have regular direct deposits, and earn at least $320 per pay period. You can deposit up to $100 per day to a linked bank account or more to your EarnIn card. Regular transfers can be completed in one to three business days or in minutes for a fee using Lightning Speed.

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2. Brigit

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Brigit is one of the few apps that allows you to extend your payback deadline if you are unable to pay. You can extend your due date up to three times, making it an excellent choice if you require flexible repayment alternatives. Standard funding takes up to three business days, however you can receive your money in as short as 20 minutes for a nominal cost.

With over 4 million users, Brigit’s normal cash advance and overdraft protection functions are free, but you must pay a monthly membership charge of $8.99 to $14.99.

3. Cleo

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

If you enjoy staying on top of your finances, go no further than Cleo. This AI-powered app excels at keeping you on track with your spending and bills, with payment reminders, overdraft alerts, and a spending tracker that includes an optional “roast mode” to notify you when you’ve gone overboard.

In addition, Cleo’s paid version provides cash advances via its smartphone with no minimum income or credit check. As long as you receive regular income into your bank account, you may be eligible for cash advances ranging from $40 to $250.

Cleo is ideal for those seeking cash advances and budgeting tools in one spot. It can assist people break their needless spending habits and accomplish their financial targets.

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4. Credit Genie

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Credit Genie is a personal finance website that offers cash advances and strategies to break the cycle of borrowing. It may assess your spending habits and recommend the best ways to become debt-free.

The app provides an instant cash advance up to $100. The amount of the advance you are qualified for is determined by a variety of factors, including your salary history, account balance over time, and general spending behaviors. The amount may vary from time to time.

Furthermore, the bank account linked to the app must be at least three months old and have at least $750 per month in recurring direct deposits.

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5. Grid Money

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Grid Money app allows you to acquire advances between paychecks anytime you need them. There are no credit checks, interest charges, or hidden fees.

You can also choose a Grid debit card, which offers cashback benefits of up to $100 on qualified purchases. This card will help you develop a credit score; the more you spend with it, the faster your score will rise. The program monitors all of your spending and repayments and displays your predicted future credit score.

There is a premium version of the software called Grid+ that costs $10 per month. It allows you to request many cash advances between paychecks, determine how much tax refund you will receive next year, and receive the refund early.

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6. Albert

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Albert was first introduced in 2016 and has since evolved into an all-in-one financial app that allows you to save, spend, and borrow money without worrying about interest rates. It provides various incentives to its premium users, including fee-free ATM withdrawals, cash-back rewards, and investing portfolios.

The fact that Albert offers fee-free cash advances is perhaps its most notable feature. Eligible customers can borrow up to $250 or receive their paycheck two days early after signing up and linking their bank accounts.

Once you sign up, you will be asked a series of questions about your current income and employment history. If you qualify, Albert will let you to borrow interest-free money at any time.

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7. MoneyLion

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

MoneyLion provides you ccess up to $500 of your hard-earned cash exactly when you need it. It charges no interest, no credit check and no mandatory fees. Also, you can temporarily increase your Instacash limit when you complete actions in the MoneyLion app or participate in promotions.

Further, every month, you can increase 5 of your friends’ Instacash limits with Peer Boosts  at no cost to you. They can even Boost you right back to raise your limit temporarily.

8. Varo

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Varo is more than just a cash advance service; it is a comprehensive financial solution. This distinguishes it from the other applications on this list because it allows you to borrow money instantaneously for reasons that are not known. It charges you a one-time advanced fee, which is determined by the amount of money borrowed. It can range between $1.40 to $40, and you can apply for a $250 to $500 advance paycheck using the app.

Varo also provides a payback window of up to thirty days. This is more than most apps on the list. You also get the benefits of Varo’s other financial services, such as a high-interest bank account, a free debit card, and a tip-less app.

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Many financial assistance apps like Dave offer small cash advances and personal loans to help you get a few extra bucks in cases of emergencies. Some of the apps in this list also offer various other tools, including access to financial instruments, banking, investment, stock trading, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Cash Advance App?

A cash advance app is a mobile application that allows customers to quickly and easily obtain short-term loans.

Are These Apps Available On Both Android And iOS Devices?

Yes, most cash advance applications are available for both Android and iOS smartphones, allowing a diverse variety of users to use their services.

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