8 Best Bitcoin Documentaries to Binge Watch

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As we know it today, Blockchain Technology has spurred outstanding inventions worldwide. People are curious as the topic is quite hot but controversial too. In this blog, we have hunted on a checklist of the best bitcoin documentaries inspired by people’s real-life stories. We assure you, while you sit back, you’ll enjoy this binge-watch, uncovering the secrets of Bitcoin.

Before we head out, here’s a special mention to Hopium Diaries by REKT News.

Bitcoin – The End of Money As we know it 

Synopsis: This is a spectacular, award-winning short film launched in 2015. The film covers all the critical aspects of bitcoin in detail. It explores the money creation process from debts created by banks and highlights how the government controls the money.

With bitcoin taking over the world, Bitcoin: The End of Money As we know, is a spectacular, award-winning short film launched in 2015. The educational documentary covers all the critical aspects of bitcoin in detail. The film elucidates the money creation process from debts created by banks and highlights how the government controls the money.

The true motive of the film is to expose the truth behind the famous 2008 financial crisis while seeking solutions to the unanswered questions about Bitcoin’s future scope. The documentary features bitcoin as the real money for the internet and talks about the use of technology and innovation in how we use money today. A film worth watching raises serious questions that you should ponder if you care about money.

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Blockchain City – The Future of Cities Driven by Blockchain

Synopsis: The “Blockchain City” is an informative movie that shares the genuine insights of the global cities worldwide, which are making a sweeping shift towards the adoption of innovative blockchain systems in their day-to-day operations.

Blockchains are emerging as the epicenter of almost every crucial industry, service, product, and profession. Providing a glimpse of how these robust technology-driven chains will take over in the coming time, the film tries to develop a new perspective for the audience as they directly hear from the leading figures in the tech industry over the robust blockchains. 

From recording financial transactions to smart contracts, blockchains are truly beyond human capabilities and imagination. Dubai’s futuristic city has flashed a green flag to the technology as it relies on blockchains for its smooth business operations. 

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Banking On Africa – True Story

Synopsis: This is an extraordinary short visual on Africa released in 2020. It mainly initiates a discussion about cryptocurrency and Africa, leapfrogging obstacles to live in a better global financial system.

The journeys of two African Bitcoin pioneers, Alakanani Itireleng (Founder of the Satoshi Centre, Botswana) and Lorien Gamaroff, are chronicled in this film (Founder of Usizo). Experts in finance, economics, and technology weigh in with a combination of industry studies, opinions, and excitement for what the future global economy could contain, exploring their hopes for this technology and how it could be utilized to enhance the lives of millions of people.

With much of the developed world’s banking system becoming increasingly unstable, this film initiates a discussion about cryptocurrency and Africa, leapfrogging obstacles to live in a better global financial system.

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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin [Award Winning]

Synopsis: The popular “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is a historical award-winning brief film launched in 2014. The film unflinchingly brings out flaws of the existing monetary system and busts the misconceptions about bitcoin.

This introductory presentation of Bitcoin is very refreshing for curious minds regarding the fundamental problems in our existing monetary system and how money works in general. Many sophisticated aspects of the protocol are discussed in layman’s terms so that any family member can appreciate the invention for what it achieves.

The internet of money has been born, and skeptics will come to regret not delving deeper into this idea than their initial assumptions. This film gives an excellent overview of the lifestyles of early adopters and explains why the group is thriving when the rest of the world is plunging further into sadness and debt. It allows one to explore beyond popular misconceptions that it is solely black market money. Indeed, a fantastic documentary.

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The Bitcoin Dilemma Documentary

Synopsis: The Bitcoin Dilemma is a short factual movie freshly launched in 2021. The film covers all the latest developments in cryptocurrencies and the near future of Bitcoin.

The latest chapter of The Bitcoin Dilemma Documentary covers the latest advancements in Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi. The Bitcoin Dilemma, created by futurist and filmmaker Ian Khan, interviews some of the world’s most influential technology and finance executives to comprehend the future better.

The Bitcoin Dilemma is a concise and thoughtful account of the current state of the bitcoin sector. Khan brings a sensitive topic to light with interviews with influential leaders in the crypto, financial, technology, and cybersecurity industries.

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Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Synopsis: Magic money is a fantastic crypto movie, a 2017 released crypto film. The movie figures out the secrets of bitcoin and its mysterious origin.

Bitcoin supporters say it has a significant architectural advantage over traditional payment systems. Bitcoin is the actual internet money, and credit cards were not designed to be used on the internet in the first place. Moreover, many feel that BitCoin has potential uses now that the mainstream financial industry is becoming interested in the technology. Hence, there would be no fraud if Amazon embraced Bitcoin. Instead, it would boost their profit margins.

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The Blockchain and Us (2017)

Synopsis: The Blockchain and Us is an award-winning film launched in 2017 that highlights the enormous possibilities of the blockchain (underlying technology of bitcoin). This 30 minutes movie is a complete outlook on the future of fintech & business. 

The film outlines the implications of the exciting blockchain and discusses how bitcoin can be a new way of transacting value on the internet. The blockchain and Us is an intriguing documentary that raises deliberate questions for the audience to answer. If you want to dive into the non-technical perspective of this topic and learn more about its broader consequences, then this is an appropriate choice for you.

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Banking on Bitcoin

Synopsis: This is one of the undisputed bitcoin movies introduced in 2016. Building a more decentralized environment emphasizes the significance of empowering individuals while disempowering those who have complete control over everything. 

The 2016 released documentary “Banking on Bitcoin” says that Bitcoin is a disruptive technology established since the internet era. The film grabs the attention of the bitcoin enthusiasts as it discusses the massive growth potential of the bitcoin experiment since its developing years.

Taking a glance at the monetary revolution shows how the initial crypto players struggled through interpreting its meaning and impacts in their ways on the future of everyday people. Watching this 90 minutes movie is worthwhile. It explains how the third-party issuers of money knocked down the people’s trust and reliance, and Bitcoin technology appears as a hope to eliminate this central control. 

Best Bitcoin Documentaries: Conclusion

The Bitcoin Era in the future as it will change everything. From reviving financial systems and institutions to solving socio-economic problems, there may be underlying issues with the use of technology. It will take a long time to make every individual in a society familiar with the technology and, hence, exhibit slow, gradual progress in adopting the technology.

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