B2C2 acquires Woorton to fuel European expansion

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Key takeaways:

  • B2C2 acquires Woorton in order to expand its footprint in the European crypto industry.
  • The acquisition brings B2C2’s global crypto position in line with MiCA rules.

Renowned crypto liquidity provider, B2C2, has acquired Woorton, a leading European market maker specializing in digital asset over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. This strategic move strengthens B2C2’s position in Europe and enhances its global standing in the crypto market. 

With this merger, B2C2 gains access to Woorton’s PSAN license regulated by AMF, enabling it to serve institutional clients across the EU while navigating evolving regulations like MiCA. This acquisition marks B2C2’s commitment to delivering top-tier liquidity solutions amid changing industry landscapes.

“We view this acquisition as a pivotal step in B2C2’s ongoing growth and evolution,” commented B2C2’s CEO, Nicola White. She expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Woorton’s skilled team, whose collective expertise has established a strong digital asset market-making firm supported by robust regulatory compliance and a loyal client base. 

The official announcement states that this strategic decision underlines B2C2’s dedication to expanding client coverage. With the upcoming MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation) guidelines, B2C2 gains the chance to serve clients within the EU jurisdiction and explore client growth prospects beyond the UK, Asia-Pacific, and the US.

Through this acquisition, B2C2 secures access to Woorton’s PSAN (prestataires de services sur actifs numériques) License, overseen by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers), granting B2C2 permission for EU operations.

Thomas Restout, B2C2’s head of EMEA, highlighted that Woorton’s team brings together conventional financial know-how with a crypto focus. He emphasized the synergistic nature of the union, which provides comprehensive multi-asset offerings to EU clients, underscoring the combined strength of the two businesses.

Woorton commands a strong clientele of nearly 250 traders engaging in 96 coin transactions. UK-based B2C2 holds a diverse global footprint, with operations spanning the UK, U.S., Cayman Islands, and Japan.

Thomas Restout, B2C2’s EMEA head, highlighted the harmonious synergy between the firms. He observed, “Woorton’s team merges traditional financial expertise with a sharp crypto focus, allowing us to provide unparalleled service depth to our EU clients.” Charlie Meraud, CEO of Woorton, expressed, “Uniting with B2C2 allows us to combine the complementary strengths of both entities.

Through a fortified joint platform, our customers gain access to an even more robust liquidity pool and an enhanced market presence. We are excited to support our clients better, delivering superior liquidity and trading experiences in digital assets alongside Nicola, Thomas, and the team.”

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