Suryansha Rawat

Suryansha Rawat

Coinbase Transaction

What is a Coinbase Transaction?

A block is created and immediately added to the blockchain when all transactions on the bitcoin network are consolidated. These blocks are now immutable and tamper-proof for all transactions. The Coinbase transaction created by the miner is the first transaction…

5 Best Free On-Chain Indicators

5 Best Free On-chain Indicators (Blockchain)

On-chain indicators help us find what is happening on the blockchain. Further, it helps us better understand the investor sentiment and increases our chances for Bitcoin price prediction. Further, since blockchain technology has excellent transparency, it allows anybody to evaluate…

What Is Utxo

What is UTXO in Bitcoin?

UTXO stands for Unspent Transaction Output. A UTXO is a non-spent output of a blockchain transaction used to input a new transaction. It is similar to a coin because it has a specific value in its particular currency. For example,…

What Are Fractional Nfts Or F-Nfts?

What are Fractional NFTs or F-NFTs?

The meteoric rise in cryptocurrencies has ushered in a new age of possibilities. NFTs and Fractional NFTs, are riding the wave of this new technology. Non-fungible essentially means unique. From art to music to pixelated pictures, they are selling like…

5 Best Free Cryptocurrency Charting Tools

5 Best Free Cryptocurrency Charting Tools

Cryptocurrency charts are graphical presentations of price, volume, and time intervals history. The charts display trends based on the crypto’s historical price fluctuations and identify how and when to invest. They help discover market patterns and anticipate future market trends…

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