Ankr, Celer, and NodeReal Launched BAS Testnet, a BNB Chain Sidechain Framework 

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Earlier this year, in the article “BNB 2022: Build N” Build,” the BNB Chain Developer Community listed its one-year plan. The primary task includes the development of a new BSC Application Sidechain (BSC). On 29th March, they announced the first deployment of the developing infrastructure in collaboration with BNB Chain infrastructure projects like Ankr, CelerNetwork, and NodeReal. 

The projects aim to provide the public with easy access to crypto tokens, DeFi, Web 3.0, blockchain, etc. Ankr focuses on providing single-click node development, management, and easy access to Web 3.0. 

Celer Network is a “blockchain interoperability protocol” that aims to provide beginners with one-click access to GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, governance, etc. On the other hand, NodeReal is all about helping developers and investors explore the blockchain. 

Aim of BAS Testnet

The BAS infrastructure focuses on aiding developers. It will facilitate them to create applications based on BSC, with an increased success rate of delivering messages and lesser or almost no transaction fee. The developers will also be able to customize their validator set, custom gas fees and will also be able to launch their tokens operating on the BEP121 format. 

The Ecosystem Coordinator at the BNB chain, Samy Karim, said, “Any developer will be able to deploy their own BAS, complete with their own specifications and validator set. Depending on the BAS deployer, this validator set may require fewer validators than BNB Chain. These validators can be run by application owners or any other community stakeholders, providing BAS with increased flexibility and decentralization. BAS is typically used in the same way as the Ronin chain is for the Axie Infinity,”

The development of dApps can get started anytime as Ankr, Celer, and NodeReal, have launched their first BAS testnet.

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