Akutars Contract for the NFT Project Permanently Locks 11539 ETH

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  Key Takeaways

  • The AkuDreams (Akutars) contract is permanently locked in at 11,539 ETH (worth $34 million), according to Solidity developer foobar. 
  • Individual users or development teams are not permitted to withdraw payments. 
  • Many developers stepped in and contracted with the community to offer reimbursements.

Solidity developer foobar stated that 11,539 ETH (worth $34 million) is permanently locked in the AkuDreams contract and cannot be withdrawn by individual users or development teams. 

Additionally, after all, refunds have been processed, set each bid status to 1. As a result, the user is unable to dial 911 in an emergency (). Furthermore, the team is unable to accept funding, which is comparable to destruction.

The contract exploiters, according to Akutars, were not antagonistic, and the vulnerability was quickly fixed after the team conducted an extensive study and took ownership of it. The team is also looking into why the project funds were halted. 

Many developers stepped in and engaged in refund contracts with the community. Those that bid 0.5 ETH per bid, on the other hand, did not receive a refund. The staff will communicate with the processing team before releasing the refund.

Akutar is an “avatar” NFT made up of 15,000 NFTs depicting a black youngster wearing an astronaut hat. The Akutar raised 11,539 ETH (about $ 34 million) quickly after repayment, until not one, but two incidents happened.

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Baisakhi Mishra
Baisakhi Mishra

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