8-year old Spanish artist Leonardo Pastrana unveils his first NFT on Upbit NFT with Cyphrly Studio

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Another intriguing piece of news from the crypto world has reached us today. An 8-year old Spanish artist Leonardo Pastrana and his family has made an announcement regarding the debut of their NFT series with Cyphrly Studio.

The Cyphrly Studio is a new NFT unit established by Lambda256, the blockchain arm of Dunamu. It has helped the little artist who created hand paintings to discover a new path for his talents. However, as of now, only three of Leonardo’s NFT work were listed on Upbit NFT on February 9.

The child artist said he was interested in playing with the Jellydog he created, and Cyphrly helped turn his vision into reality. They gave him “colour-changing chips, had the dog make barking and farting sounds which was really cool”, and Leonardo enjoyed all this thoroughly. 

Leonardo has already earned his fame by participating in solo exhibitions across Asia, Madrid and having individual booths at international art fairs. However, he only made his debut into the art world in 2019, and his works have already been compared to that of Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Min Jung (Nicole) Kim, Business Development & Strategy Lead for NFT art, says, “In the past year, NFTs have become a new mode for expression for digital creativity – one with a traceable and verifiable ownership on the blockchain.” He also added, “With exceptional creators in the pipeline, our new NFT unit will be focused on uncovering each of its artistic value, grounded in our commitment to technology and sustainability.”

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