5 Best Clipping Software

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If you want to showcase the best of your going performance to the rest of the world and want them to appreciate your efforts, then the Best clipping softwares will come to your rescue by providing you with the modes and the means to present the best of clips from your game to one another. But only some of the applications would give you the feel and the results you want; hence, for that purpose, we have the Best clipping softwares listed here in this complete blog that would provide you with hands-on experience.

What is a clipping software?

Clipping, as the word suggests, means to clip out a part of a game video and present it separately. It is done to showcase your best skills in that particular game or for you to reflect on some gaming tutorial you are involved in. Best clipping softwares is widely used by all the gamers in the industry and is also a good source of learning about some additional add-ons in any of the games.

Best clipping softwares


One of the easiest-to-use and most friendly game clipping software of all time is Medal.Tv. This one is popular for anyone who wants to clip the sections from any game and share them online. This game clipping software has multiple features, the prominent one being that it can also be linked with other accounts you are using, which can be Discord, which adds more to your gaming experience.

  • HD Capture: HD capture, short for High-Definition capture, involves the process of recording or capturing media content, such as images or videos, in high-resolution formats. This typically refers to resolutions higher than the standard definition (SD), resulting in sharper, more precise, and more detailed visuals. With the help of HD capture, you can have high-resolution displays and the growing demand for immersive multimedia experiences.
  • Cloud Storage for Your Files to Download in the Future: Cloud storage refers to storing data, files, and applications on remote servers accessed via the Internet. This allows users to store their digital assets securely and access them from any internet-connected device, eliminating the need for local storage hardware. 
  • Social Sharing Platform: A social sharing platform enables users to share content, interact with others, and engage in social networking activities.


Get things moving in Action and capture all of it with this one of the best clipping softwares called Action. This is best suited for all Android devices and helps users capture the segments they want anytime, even without being physically present on the desktop. Some of the highly suggestive features of Action are listed here.


  • Record gameplay up to 120 FPS: Capturing the gaming action becomes incredibly smooth and detailed with motion, making it ideal for high-performance gaming experiences.
  • Directly export to YouTube: Seamlessly upload recorded gameplay footage directly to YouTube for instant sharing and audience engagement.
  • Support for multiple audio inputs: Accommodate various audio sources simultaneously, enabling rich and immersive sound experiences during gameplay recording.
5 Best Clipping Software


If you are a Windows user and want to add that touch of extra professionalism to your going videos and make the best shorts out of it, then you need this Band cam that would suffice your needs and capture up to 480 FPS. Bandicam also has a free version available if you want to try it.


  • Multiple audio sources capture: you can easily Capture audio from various inputs such as microphones, game sound, and system audio simultaneously, allowing for comprehensive and customizable audio recording.
  • Scheduled recordings in the premium version: Bandicam can Schedule recordings in advance by automating the process for convenience and efficiency. It is available as a premium feature for enhanced recording management.
  • Hardware acceleration: Utilize hardware resources such as GPU acceleration to optimize recording performance, ensuring smoother capture of high-resolution content with reduced strain on system resources.
5 Best Clipping Software

Game Bar

To uplift all your gaming experience, Game Bar is here with its uplifted features. Being a product of Microsoft, this one of the clipping software would provide you with the most efficient clipping ease. You can also clip out sections from games like Valorant and Fortnite online while playing them with others.


  • Easy shortcut control: The game bar is here to Simplify recording tasks with intuitive shortcut commands, streamlining the process for quick and efficient operation.
  • Audio mixer to adjust levels: If you want to Fine-tune audio levels from various sources like game sound, microphone, and system audio, provide precise control over the audio mix for optimal recording quality.
  • It integrates with the Xbox layout, including chats and other plugins: You can easily integrate with the Xbox interface while capturing gameplay and chat interactions.
5 Best Clipping Software
Game bar

OBS Studio

The OBS studio has the advantage of being used on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, along with its free and multitasking features, as it can also handle streaming. It also has powerful filters and audio editing to provide the most classic experience.


  • Audio Mixers for Recording Multiple Sources: You can easily adjust and balance audio levels from multiple sources, including game sound, microphone input, and system audio, ensuring clear and well-balanced recordings.
  • Switch Between “Scenes” When Streaming and Capturing: Seamlessly transition between different scenes or layouts during streaming or recording sessions, allowing for dynamic presentation and enhanced visual storytelling.
  • Capture Video in Real-Time Using Shortcuts: Enable quick and efficient video capture with customizable shortcuts that facilitate instant recording initiation while controlling gameplay or streaming flow.
Obs Studio
OBS studio


So these are some of the best picks for your requirements for the best clipping softwares. These are easy to use, and we have also picked out some that are compatible with all the operating systems. So, pick from them and enjoy the best of the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these best clipping softwares available for free?

Some of the best clipping softwares always have a free trial version for you to experience its features. However, you might also miss out on some of the features provided in the paid version.

Can clipping softwares record the videos automatically?

Yes, Some clipping softwares can record videos automatically, even when you are not in front of the screens.

Can I use all the clipping softwares on my MacBook as well?

Only a few of these best clipping softwares are available for MacOS.

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