WenX Pro Review : Read This Before Trading on WenX

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Today we will review WenX Pro, a crypto trading exchange running since early 2020 and helping you trade bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Now let’s look closely at WenX Pro to understand its features and maximize our returns.

Summary (TL; DR)

The present CEO of WenX Pro is Jack Chia, and he was the former Huobi executive. He is an experienced blockchain expert and has already started to lead WenXPro creatively towards a glorious. 

  • WenX Pro lets you spot trade and margin trade with several available trading pairs.
  • They launched a relatively new company in early 2020.
  • KYC and 3FA are available.
  • WenX Pro offers various products like perpetual contracts and Lucky 8. 
  • ETF token is available under margin mode. 
  • Get referral rebates based on the number of your invitees. 
  • WenX Pro mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices. (Invitation code – Ctxot7 )

What is WenX Pro?

WenX Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is a proud member of the Wen Ecosystem. With WenX Pro, you can do crypto-to-crypto trading, get access to Fiat OTC services, and trade perpetual contracts. They highlight security, comprehension, creativity, and sincerity throughout their work. 

WenXPro offers safe, transparent trading along with a well-structured system. The platform values you as a user and goes deep into its user base to be able to offer in-demand features. You will not have to worry as a beginner because their help center is empathetic and insightful. WenX Pro even give out regular discounts and conduct creative campaigns which are mutually benefitial. 

Wenx Pro Homepage
WenX Pro homepage

WenX Pro App

WenX Pro has launched its mobile app on Android and iOS devices for you to get a handy and seamless trading experience. The app’s User Interface is uncomplicated, modish, and quite descriptive. 

How to sign-up on WenX Pro?

You can visit WenX Pro and click on Sign Up at the top right corner. You will have to fill in your full name, mobile number, or email id. Choose a strong password and enter a referral code (if any) to get started.

How to place an order with WenX Pro?

Using WenX Pro charts, you will be easily able to decipher the market trends. To profit from upward trends, you can buy and open a long position. While to profit from downward trends, you can sell to open a short position.

Wenx Pro Exchagne Window
WenX Pro exchagne window

You can sell to close the previously long position. And buy to close the earlier short position.

WenX Pro Review: Features

  • WenX Pro provides you market depth analysis of trading pairs with the help of illustrative charts. You also get to use auxiliary trading tools for better understanding and reviewing charts and market trends.
  • WenX Pro saves you from position risk by facilitating you to choose a risk limit. If you are a high-tier risk limit user and your margin rate is insufficient, you will downgrade to lower-tier. Choosing a risk limit prevents the exchange from experiencing a deleveraging event if the position does not liquidate fully.  
  • While perpetual contracts trading, you get the option to swap BTC, EOS, LTC, XRP, and ETH.
  • Available payment methods on WenX Pro are OTC, MasterCard, Visa, and Apple Pay. 
  • You can use the feature, Stop Limit, to trade smartly on the WenX Pro platform. 
  • By looking at the last traded price and the resistance of a cryptocurrency, you can reckon whether its price will rise or not after it reaches the resistance. This is when you can put a Stop-Limit order to let WenXPro automatically buy more of that crypto when it hits your target price. This way, you won’t have to wait and constantly keep a watch on the market movements. After order submission, you can find existing stop-limit orders in the “Open Order” section on the WenXPro page.

With WenXPro, you get the option to apply conditions on your orders such as:

Wenx Pro Order Settings
WenX Pro Order Settings
  1. Good till Cancelled: The order is effective until you cancel it. 
  2. Fill or Kill: fills the whole order, or else cancels it.
  3. Immediate or Cancel: fill the order immediately, and then cancel the rest.
  4. Post-only: WenX Pro will not execute the order immediately. The order will stand canceled if you implement it upon entry.
  • WenX Pro gives you various order types such as Limit orders, Market orders, Opponent price, Queue price, and Overprice to meet your different demands. 
Order Types On Wenx Pro
Order types on WenX Pro

WenX Pro Fees

The trading fee is as low as 0.2% on WenX Pro.

You can do Fiat OTC trading for free. Also, WenX Pro does not charge you any deposit fee. You can even trade rebates for free.  The maker and taker fee is 0.2%. Although, you will have to pay a 0.1% position management fee for overnight holding positions. 

Wenx Pro Fee Structure
WenX Pro Review: Fee Structure

WenX Pro Review: Withdrawal Limits

There are certain limits to how many tokens you can withdraw at WenX Pro. The table below shows you the same. 

TokenMin Deposit AmountMin Withdrawal Amount

WenX Pro Review: Products


WenX Pro offers you to buy or sell the leveraged tokens in the secondary market. By doing this, the platform aims to bring you multiple profits of the underlying assets. If you wish to trade BTC 3x Leverage Long or BTC 3x Short, note that the base currency will be USDT.


Perpetual Contracts

Perpetual contracts are a form of derivative future contracts. WenX Pro settles these trades in USDT. You can enter a long or short position and get leverage up to 100 times. 

Wenx Pro Perpetual Contract
Wenx Pro perpetual contract

Although, for the account structure, only cross margin mode is available for now. Under this model, your position’s margin will be independent of other positions. You can also calculate your USDT-Margin Perpetual Contract by this method: 

(Contract Multiplier) * (Amount) * (Fee Rate) * (Execution Price).

Lucky 8

WenX Pro has come up with a one-of-a-kind product, Lucky 8. It is an automated crypto trading bot that helps you automatically buy low and sell high in a specific price range through a program. This product comes handier trading in a sideways market. WenX Pro Lucky 8 bot assists in strictly implementing the low-buy high-sell transactions strategy that you set. By forming an account at Lucky 8, you can avoid imprecise trading decisions to a great extent. 

The minimum withdrawal amount on Lucky 8 is 5 USDT. You will have to pay 100 USDT to get access to the activation code. Each such code is valid for 365 days from the account activation day. 

Is WenX Pro Safe?

WenX Pro uses 3FA to minimize the risk of potential hacking and stores your funds in hot and cold storage wallets. The platform has adapted to decentralized dark pool technology to eliminate agitations of inflated assets. Your identity and funds are safe since WenX Pro has top-notch automation in KYC and AML.

WenX Pro Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies

At WenX Pro, you can buy BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and LINK with the available payment methods.  

For OTC trading, the supported cryptocurrencies are USDT, BTC, and ETH. The supported local currencies are CNY, SGD, TWD, HKD, KRW, JPY, and MYR.

WenX Pro Referral

WenX Pro gives you Invitation referral rebates based on your number of invitees.

Referral Rebate At Wenx Pro
Referral rebate at WenX Pro

Customer Service at WenX Pro

WenXPro has a 24/7 customer support service. You can submit a ticket or mail them at [email protected] for help.

You can connect with them via various platforms:

They also have an extensive FAQ section to guide you with the crypto terminology. The platform provides you the latest updates about their newly-launched products and features through social media platforms. Additionally, WenX Pro keeps you updated about the news of the cryptocurrency industry.

WenX Pro Review: Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
The platform charges zero deposit fees and a meager trading fee.The names of the supported countries are unavailable. 
3FA is availableA limited number of supported cryptocurrencies.
Various order types are available.Low global reach and not as many users.
A crypto trading bot, Lucky 8, is available for usersA relatively new company in the crypto industry

WenX Pro Review: Conclusion

WenX Pro has just started to expand its reach in the cryptocurrency market. At the moment, it might have a low employee rate, but it has high goals to leave a mark in the industry. It has already come up with numerous advanced products and easy-to-use features. It claims to provide the best security to your assets and has a low fee. WenX Pro will soon be launching financial derivatives such as crypto-options and will conduct fiat-to-crypto business. 

If you wish to have a transparent, secure, and advantageous trading experience, then you should undoubtedly try out WenX Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my deposit on Lucky 8 not arrived yet?

WenX Pro states that it takes around 15 minutes to transfer your assets from the WenX wallet address. You could recheck whether you have correctly bound your WenX Pro wallet address with your Lucky 8 account. 

How do I apply for margin trading?

First, you will have to transfer your funds from your wallet account to a margin account. Once done, you can click on Loan present on the margin trading page to apply for margin trading. To learn more, read about the 5 best bitcoin margin trading platforms.

What things should I take care of before trading on the OTC of the WenX platform?

The platform asks you to set the trader name, payment password, KYC Verification, and payment methods before starting trade on OTC.

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