Ubisoft’s Quartz NFT Initiative Generated Only $400 Revenue in 2 Weeks

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Key Takeaways:

  • Ubisoft’s Quartz NFT initiative generated only $400 revenue in 2 weeks with only 15 purchases.
  • Despite the project’s publicity and anticipation, Ubisoft Quartz Beta did not appear to be exceptionally prominent. 
  • Liz Edwards, Apex Legends’ Senior Character Artist, recorded a total sales volume of XTZ 94.49, which is less than $ 400 today.
Ubisoft'S Quartz Nft Initiative Generated Only $400 Revenue In 2 Weeks
Ubisoft’s Quartz NFT Initiative Generated Only $400 Revenue in 2 Weeks

Ubisoft officially entered the NFT market, according to a press release issued on December 7th. The business introduced a new platform, Ubisoft Quartz, on Tuesday, providing NFTs called Digits. The Digits were first available as in-game things such as vehicles, guns, and equipment in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, now in beta on Windows.

Each Digit, according to the company, is one-of-a-kind, would monitor who has held it throughout time, and will have its own serial number visible in-game. However, according to Ubisoft’s Baptiste Chardon, digits are merely for show and “do not affect the gameplay in any way.”

Despite the project’s promotion and enthusiasm, Ubisoft Quartz Beta hasn’t proven so well.

Quartz, Ubisoft’s blockchain platform, is having some difficulties. Only 15 NFT in-game products have been sold so far, with zero exchanges on one of the third-party marketplaces in the last 24 hours.

Nearly two weeks after its release, the NFT collection of weapon skins and items has made a tiny gain of $400.

Apex Legends’ senior persona artist, Liz Edwards, blasted the company’s sales figures on Sunday. According to Rarible and Objkte, the NFT marketplaces linked on Ubisoft Quartz’s website, the top fifteen NFTs in the collection have been purchased on each. However, since its release earlier this month, it has averaged less than two sales per day.

On the objkt website, there were six sales of NFT products (or “digits,” as Ubisoft refers to them). With no transactions in the last 24 hours, the total value of these NFTs is 94.49 (about $366.9). Over the previous seven days, only nine sales were recorded on the Rarible marketplace.

Edwards also inquired about the cost of minting roughly 2256 NFTs for Ubisoft. Given the cost of minting one Tezos token ($0.325), the corporation could have spent $733.2 on all of its NFTs.

The event is linked to Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” released on December 9th. The NFTs are skins for guns and power, each with a unique serial number that distinguishes them from other items in the collection.

Although those serial numbers are visible in-game, Twitter users say it’s challenging to peer all over exact gameplay. Because of this, the novelty and cost of preserving a “scarce” item are significantly reduced if its scarcity cannot be demonstrated, which Edwards derided.

Ubisoft Quartz was introduced earlier this month with a short video on YouTube that received over 95% dislikes. However, despite the negative feedback from players worldwide, NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatells believes the corporation will stick with NFTs. He stated on Twitter, “This stuff won’t go away, will just come with new messaging.” 

“Risk/upside math is too attractive. Managing blowback will be a short-term goal imo.”

For its modest fuel costs, minting NFTs on Tezos is relatively inexpensive. However, given the gathering’s decline in popularity, the project is also losing money, especially when advertising costs and market fees are considered. A Ubisoft account was used to create almost 2000 NFTs.

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