Twitter is Testing Out a Feature That Allows Users to Link to Encrypted Wallets

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Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter is experimenting with connecting to encrypted wallets.
  • A check mark would appear next to users’ avatars, similar to the blue check mark provided to verified Twitter users.
Twitter Is Testing Out A Feature That Allows Users To Link To Encrypted Wallets
Twitter is Testing Out a Feature That Allows Users to Link to Encrypted Wallets

A screenshot showing Twitter attempting to connect to a cryptocurrency wallet has been circulating on social media sites. The image’s legitimacy was confirmed by Justin Taylor, Twitter’s director of consumer product marketing. He claimed it was a screenshot captured as part of a test by Twitter workers. The eventual purpose of the test is still unknown.

Twitter previously stated that NFTs would be replaced with avatars and a blue mark would be added. The first step is to connect to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Earlier, Justin Taylor, Twitter’s head of consumer marketing, tweeted a video demonstrating what the social media firm is working on for its non-fungible token profile verification, which it initially announced.

Users can modify their accounts by clicking on their avatars and selecting “NFT” in the video, which was created and originally posted by Twitter software developer Mada Aflak.

They next log in to their selected wallet (in the mock-up, Coinbase, Trust, Argent, and MetaMask were the default wallets) and download all of their NFTs from OpenSea. Following their selection of an avatar, it would be marked with an Ethereum checkmark, similar to the blue checkmark provided to verified Twitter users.

In the video, Aflak emphasises that this is only a mock-up experiment and that anything might change.

The popularity of NFTs as Twitter avatars has exploded in the last six months, making a mechanism for confirming their ownership and provenance a valuable feature for Twitter to provide.

Despite Taylor’s sharing of the video, it’s important to note that, while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been an outspoken advocate of bitcoin for a long time, he has never voiced enthusiasm for Ethereum.

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Chetna Prakash
Chetna Prakash

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