Beeple’s $69 M Masterpiece Gets a Tribute by DeepBlack Historical NFT Project

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Key takeaways:

  • A broad church of initiatives and collections dubbed “historically significant NFTs” is creating a current and reasonable prediction
  • This event led in October 2021, when Christie’s auctioned a complete set of My Curio Cards for $1.2 million.
Beeple'S $69 M Masterpiece Gets A Tribute By Deepblack Historical Nft Project
Beeple’s $69 M Masterpiece Gets a Tribute by DeepBlack Historical NFT Project

A modern and credible projection is based on a wide church of “NFT’s of historical interest” projects and organisations. This narrative was first told in October 2021, when an entire set of My Curio cards was auctioned for $1.2 million. Christie’s is holding an auction. Representatives from all of the main auction houses are now routinely dispatched like the Canary Islands down the mine to NFT Twitter to announce the next historically significant project to a wider audience.

Beeple’s (Mike Winkelman) artwork is frequently viewed as a barometer for the broader cryptocurrency and NFT market, having sold out The First 5000 Days for $69 million. Hidden (and not-so-hidden) Easter eggs abound in his broad and fascinating digital artworks.

The 4th of March In 2021, Beeple effectively knighted Punk4156 with CryptoPunk #4156, a futuristic, dystopian twist on King Kong. It’s difficult for Winkelmann to be unconscious of his power because of his relevance and market-making abilities.

At the beginning of January 2022, Beeple shared “DEEP BLACK,” another of his grim thoughts, with the world. It was quickly and inextricably linked to the historically significant NFT group “DeepBlack” upon its debut. DeepBlack is the first end-to-end AI-generated set of fine art on the Ethereum blockchain, developed without human intervention, with 3,073 avatars.

Whatever Beeple’s motives were, DeepBlack’s Pete was moved to commemorate this momentous occasion. Pete made a collage version of “DEEP BLACK” in commemoration of the piece, which includes all 3,073 original artworks from DeepBlack. Zooming in on the work will fascinate you, and the unique character of the artwork created by AI-Artist, DeepBlack, will persuade you.

Pete’s collage was shared with the DeepBlack community, who then voted on what to do with it. After twenty-four hours and numerous considerate requests from the community, they decided to mint this piece as a 1/1 and send it directly to Beeple’s Ethereum account, hoping that he would appreciate such a lovely tribute to his art.

A non-fungible token by artist Beeple sold for more than $60 million at Christie’s, making it the most expensive non-fungible token ever sold at auction.

The final sale price could rise after final bids are verified and auction fees are included, bringing the total to above $69 million. The sale, however, marked the end of two weeks of frantic online bidding and the beginning of a new era in collectables, with prices for blockchain-based digital images now rivalling those paid for Picassos and Monets. While the future of NFT prices and their longer-term function in the art world is still unknown, and many consider it as a speculative craze, the Beeple’s eight-figure price has made the art world sit up and take notice.

Representatives from all of the big auction houses are now routinely dispatched to NFT Twitter-like canaries down the mineshaft in search of the next historically significant project with broader relevance.

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