Swapzone Review | Crypto Exchange Data Aggregator

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Swapzone has joined the ranks of crypto exchange data aggregators in 2019. It performs as a mediator between users and exchange platforms, collecting all the relevant information in one place and enabling instant custody-free swaps. In this article we will review the Swapzone review.

With Swapzone, you can compare more than 10 top exchange services like SimpleSwap, Changelly, and CoinSwitch, by rates, transaction time, and user feedback to choose the best offer for over 300 cryptocurrency assets. 

Users looking to get started buying cryptocurrency are spoiled with choices. But they are also extremely wary. Because of all the bad press exchanges have gotten — much of it deserved in the early days — and the fierce competition that exists between exchanges, potential users are left somewhat rudderless when they are trying to figure out what direction to go in.

Following the ideas of freedom and decentralization, Swapzone gives control back to people ensuring more opportunities to generate income.

Main advantages

The phenomenon of crypto exchange data aggregator is already nothing new to the industry, and yet Swapzone has a solid number of features that make it an outstanding service with much potential to reshape the blockchain space:

  • constantly growing range of supported partners and assets (currently Swapzone has 300+ assets and 10+ exchange platforms); 
  • registration-free experience;
  • insightful aggregation interface combining user reviews, exchange descriptions and KYC details;
  • in-house exchange made through APIs of Swapzone’s partners;
  • active support team that helps to resolve transaction problems.

Moreover, Swapzone developers have significantly facilitated API integrations for instant exchange owners by writing a unified adapter, which can be found in their detailed integration guide. The aggregator also has its own learning section ramping down the entrance threshold to the platform for crypto rookies.

Swapzone Review | Crypto Exchange Data Aggregator
Swapzone review

How Swapzone works

The platform has a simple layout and makes the entire process about as straightforward and stress-free as possible. This is as simple as that:

  • Go to the main page.  
  • Select what currency you would like to receive and what currency you would like to exchange it with.
  • Enter the amount you would like to exchange to get the list of available options.
  • Filter them according to the type of rate being offered, the total amount you would potentially receive, the time required for the transaction, and the reputation of the service provider.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, click the “Exchange” button to confirm it. 
  • Fill out their wallet info and transfer the agreed-upon sum to a wallet address generated by the exchange partner.
  • As soon as the time indicated for the transfer has been reached — that’s it, the funds are yours.

Why choose Swapzone?

The crypto exchange of today is a whole ecosystem in itself, a financial planet of centralized power. A big exchange will tend to offer different prices to different classes of traders, a list of currencies that it has decided are worthy of its platform, a complex order book, and even its own internal currency, the use of which is supposed to make the exchange more profitable for the individual. All of these developments can be considered healthy in their own right, however the triumph of the crypto exchange has somewhat clouded the fundamental vision of cryptocurrency and its potential to equalize the financial playing field. 

This is not to say that exchanges are bad or the services they offer are rigged. But Swapzone essentially breaks down all the options a user has available to them for the transaction they want to make and offers the diversity that the crypto industry needs to progress. The service is designed to prevent your crypto operations from being closely supervised by centralized entities as well as help you see the whole picture to find your perfect deal.

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