StreamCoin Signs Strategic Business Agreement With International e-Sports Institute

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StreamCoin, a Web3 live streaming company, announced on August 2, 2022, that it had signed a strategic business agreement with the International e-Sports Institute, a global initiative with multiple offices in Asia.

The deal, signed on July 30, will allow the two companies to actively cooperate with competitions and projects conducted by the said esports agency. The partnership marks StreamCoin’s foray into the international esports industry using its unique blockchain technology.

A representative from StreamCoin said:

“The partnership between StreamCoin and the International e-Sports Institute is a meaningful step forward for improving the esports industry using blockchain technology. We are excited to collaborate with this innovative esports organization, and we look forward to making a splash in the industry with our resources and technology offerings.”

StreamCoin has agreed to support the International e-Sports Institute in hosting several domestic and foreign esports competitions through the agreement. The competitions include League of Legends (LOL), Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), StarCraft, and FIFAe, which will be broadcasted via MeiTalk, StreamCoin’sinnovative live streaming platform.

Esports events organized by the partnership will be streamed worldwide on MeiTalk and streamed to over 50 well-known streaming services, including TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Viewers can see videos automatically translated into their native language on MeiTalk in real-time.

The International e-Sports Institute operates its main offices in China, Japan, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan. The company also plans to expand 64 branches worldwide, including the USA and Europe, by next year.

The signed agreement between StreamCoin and the International e-Sports Institute will likely bolster the capabilities of both companies and diversify the esports industry while incorporating blockchain technology.

Aside from esports, StreamCoin is establishing an NFT and live streaming-focused ecosystem via platforms such as STRMNFT and MeiTalk.It is also celebrating its first anniversary. The company was able to develop a complete set of products and services, providing many utilities for its users with a token listed on 115+ exchanges, all within a single year.

Forward-Looking Statement:

The management of StreamCoin has made forward-looking statements in this press release and other comments that are subject to risks and uncertainties about StreamCoin’soperations and business environment. These statements are based on management’s expectations and beliefs regarding future events that may impact StreamCoin.

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