Solana Blockchain has been Halted Globally, Suffers Network Outage 

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Solana Network again suffers almost a four and a half hour shortage. 
  • The network experienced chain splits while engineers were working on new releases. 

Ethereum killer Solana suffers network outage again within 30 days. On 1st June, Coinbase first shared the halt of the Solana network. Investigations were launched immediately and the exchange also disabled sends and receives for SOL to safeguard the funds of the users. 

The Solana team updated on their Twitter that block production on Solana Mainnet Beta is on halt and asked validator operators to be prepared for a restart in mb-validators on Discord. Last month, the network suffered a seven-hour outage due to a surge in transactions.  

This time a bug in the durable nonce transactions feature caused the trouble in the durable and led to nondeterminism. The consequence was the same block creating varied results, thus preventing the advancement of the network. The engineers were working on releases of updated versions and therefore disabled the feature until the release of a patch. 

To further explain the incident to users, a Solana developer, Richard Patel shared more information on a Twitter thread. The present scenario of the network comes under the “Chain splits” classification, which happens “when two parts of the network compute a different state given the same transactions, for any reason”, as explained by the developer. These situations are unavoidable even if large test coverage is put to use. 

Richard also shared that an “effective way” to combat the issue is by implementing multiple nodes. However, he has also stated that the current halt is just an emergency fix for the network, it would not help with the root cause. 

After approximately a four and a half-hour outage, team Solana shared an update of the validator operators completing a cluster restart of Mainnet Beta at 9:00 PM UTC. They have also informed the users that client services will soon resume on network operators. 

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