OpenSea CFO Resigns In Less Than A Year Of Joining

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Key Takeaways:

  • Brian Roberts, CFO of OpenSea, has left the company.
  • Roberts will continue to serve as the company’s advisor.

Brian Roberts, the chief financial officer of OpenSea, has left the NFT market but claims he will continue to serve as an “advisor” to the business.

and I will be staying on as an advisor to the company. I remain incredibly bullish on Web3 and especially on OpenSea. The company is heads down the building and I assure you, the best is yet to come.

Roberts spent nearly seven years working for the ride-sharing firm Lyft before being named CFO of the OpenSea NFT marketplace in 2021.

In a LinkedIn post, Roberts stated, “Well, it is time for me to come ashore from the ‘open seas’.”

OpenSea, the top NFT marketplace, purchased the market aggregator Gem during his tenure there, incorporated Solana NFTs, and developed a new marketplace protocol called Seaport to help consumers avoid transaction fees.

His resignation from the NFT marketplace business coincides with the widespread exodus of executives from the cryptocurrency sector. In addition to Brian, other administrators have been seen quitting their respective crypto enterprises in recent weeks.

Another cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, announced in September that Chief Operating Officer Dave Ripley would succeed top executive Jesse Powell, who is leaving the role after more than ten years in it.

Robert left the company just as the entire NFT market was experiencing a bearish downturn in trade. According to data gathered from Dune analytics, the market for non-fungible tokens has substantially decreased in 2022 compared to the previous year.

According to the data, total NFT volume decreased steadily from $17 billion in January to $466 million in September. Data used for price research comes from important NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Larvalabs, Rarible, NFTX, and Foundation.

However, OpenSea was able to survive despite the weak market dynamics by bringing in around $144 million in Q3.

Additionally, OpenSea is always looking for ways to expand its customer base. A new tool that enables users to formally list bulk listings and purchases on OpenSea was officially launched by the firm via Twitter.

Roberts claimed that despite departing, he remains “bullish on web3“. He is appreciative of the chance and happy of many of his achievements, but nothing makes him happier than OpenSea’s strong financial team.

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