MHGL Begins Preliminary Testing of Crypto Mining in Pennsylvania

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Key Takeaways:

  • Meten Hodling Group Ltd., has procured 147 cryptocurrency mining machines. 
  • The Company is gearing up to make its total computing power capacity reach 135P. 
  • Further, it is striving towards making all its miners fully operational in January 2022. 
Mhgl Begins Preliminary Testing Of Crypto Mining In Pennsylvania
MHGL Begins Preliminary Testing of Crypto Mining in Pennsylvania

A leading omnichannel English language training service provider ‘Meten Holding Group Ltd., in China announced today that “it had started preliminary trial operation of the crypto mining business in Pennsylvania, U.S.” It has been able to procure 147 cryptocurrency mining machines which have approximately a total computing power of 14P. The same has been made available for commercial trial operations in Pennsylvania, U.S. 

The Company along with providing English language skills and training (ELT) is also associated with the world of digital currency. It “actively explores the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining business outside China” with a vision to create value across the cryptocurrency industry and to transform itself into a “Metaverse Technology Company”. 

Earlier, the Company announced a strategic partnership with AGM Group Holdings Inc. (AGMH). The tie-up has been beneficial as recently the former has acquired 1,335 units of Bitcoin mining machines from the latter.

Meten is currently planning to scale up its mining machines to produce a computing power capacity of 135P. It is expecting all its miners to be fully operational in January 2022, which will mark the official beginning of the “operation of the cryptocurrency mining business”. 

Meten is expecting to, “engage in business related to blockchain and metaverse in North America and other countries and areas around the world (not including China), including cryptocurrency mining, mining farm construction, and mining pool and data centre operation.”

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