Looking For an NFT Avatar? Novatars are Winning the Race

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While NFTs aren’t precisely new, NFT avatars suddenly became a buzzword, making The Novatar collection the hottest avatar drop.

Over the past year, the topic of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been widely and actively discussed. While NFTs aren’t exactly new, especially to tech-geeks, the concept of unique NFT avatars suddenly started selling like hotcakes. The Times Square was taken over recently by Novatars NFT collection.

While Twitter is the pioneer of NFT profile pics, its expected monthly user base in 2022 will reach 329 million. Facebook has 1.9 billion daily active users. With its recent announcements about NFT integration, it’s obvious to see the gap in the demand and supply of NFT avatars. Today, the hottest topics are NFT avatars, users’ digital identification, and the emergence of metaverses.

Getting One Step Beyond Regular NFT Images

The Novatars may become another breakthrough in the NFT space, as it seems that the team foresaw the future development of the NFTs and their evolution of metaverses.

Due to NFT’s non-fungibility and technological background, the Novatar creates value. It has a deeper purpose for creating a digital identity and is gaining much attention in the industry because of its technological components. The Novatar is designed to represent their holders’ identities in metaverses.

Looking For An Nft Avatar? Novatars Are Winning The Race
Novatars NFTs

The transformational component sets apart The Novatar collection. These NFT avatars “can” transform as the owner decides – from a baby into an adult with just a click. The innovative technology behind these diverse baby avatars allows them to mature after minting, acquiring additional attributes, profession or gender.

All 25K baby Novatars have unique and different appearances –  races, skin colour, facial expressions written in their gene code. The blockchain-run maturing mechanism enriches this gene code with the basic and optional adult Novatars genes, making them new meta identities. So, The technological aspect makes the collection far more than just an image.

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Naveli Sharma
Naveli Sharma

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