Komodo (KMD)’s 50% Spike: Review of the Fundamentals and Technicals

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Hey, crypto lovers! Today, I will talk to you about Komodo (KMD), a project that has been around since 2016 with some cool features and solutions for the crypto space.

Komodo is based on Zcash, which has some decent privacy features, like hiding your identity and transaction details.

Komodo also uses a clever way to secure its network by piggybacking on the Bitcoin network. In this article, I will give you our take on Komodo, covering its origins, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and conclusion.


Komodo was born in September 2016 as a fork of Zcash, which itself was a fork of Bitcoin. The founder is James Lee, aka JL777, a mysterious developer and a former NXT core developer.

KMD started as a privacy coin that wanted to make transactions anonymous and fungible. But Komodo soon became more ambitious and wanted to create a platform for decentralized apps, atomic swaps, interoperability, and scalability.


  • One of the cool things about Komodo is its dPoW consensus mechanism, which stands for delayed proof-of-work. This means that Komodo uses a network of notary nodes that take snapshots of the Komodo blockchain and record them on the Bitcoin blockchain, creating a backup that protects Komodo from attacks or failures. This also lets it talk to other blockchains that use dPoW, like Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, and Binance Chain.
  • Another is its Antara framework, which lets developers create blockchains and decentralized apps on top of Komodo. Antara also supports cross-chain communication and atomic swaps between blockchains, creating a network of connected and scalable solutions.

Technical Analysis

Komodo (KMD) has been in a downtrend since hitting its all-time high of $15.41. The price has been making lower and lower highs, forming a falling channel on the weekly chart. The price has also been below the 50-week and 200-week moving averages, showing a bearish trend.

But there are some signs that things might change soon. The price has recently broken the important barrier of $0.25. The price has also exceeded the 20-week moving average, which could act as support in the next few weeks. Let’s have a look at the chart for trend analysis:

Komodo Crypto Chart

The price action was previously consolidating in a compression level where it broke out the neckline of it .Also after an triple bottom pattern level,the price action made out an impulsive candle towards the up.

Currently facing out the weekly Horizontal Resistance level from where we can expect Higher low leg level before any further movements.

The current trading price is $0.47,which represents an increase of over 55% in the value in 1 day. The circulating supply is 136mn tokens with a 24h trading volume of $120mn.

So, based on the technical analysis, we can expect the coin to either turn around its downtrend or consolidate within the channel in the next few weeks.

Fundamental Analysis

KMD has a strong fundamental value proposition as a platform for decentralized apps, atomic swaps, interoperability, and scalability. In addition, Komodo has some advantages over other platforms regarding security, flexibility, and innovation.

Security: Komodo uses the security of the Bitcoin network through its dPoW consensus mechanism, which protects its network from attacks or failures by recording its blocks on the blockchain. This also lets Komodo connect with other blockchains that use dPoW, like Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, and Binance Chain.

Flexibility: It offers a lot of flexibility and customization for developers through its Antara framework. It gives developers a lot of options and features to choose from, like smart contracts, oracles, tokens, stablecoins, and NFTs.

Innovation: Komodo always innovates and develops new features and solutions for its platform and ecosystem. Some of the recent innovations include:

  • AtomicDEX: A decentralized exchange that lets you swap coins across blockchains without intermediaries or custodians. AtomicDEX supports over 99% of all cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, and Komodo.
  • Pirate Chain: A privacy coin that uses zero-knowledge proofs and shielded transactions to give you complete anonymity and fungibility. Pirate Chain is built on the Komodo platform and uses its dPoW security mechanism.
  • DogeDEX: A decentralized exchange that lets you swap Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies powered by the AtomicDEX engine. DogeDEX is a community-driven project that aims to promote the adoption and utility of Dogecoin.

You can read a very detailed report of kmd project here.

Future of KMD

The future of KMD depends on several factors, such as the development and innovation of the Komodo platform and ecosystem, the adoption and usage of Komodo by various use cases and users, the competition and collaboration with other platforms and networks, and the macroeconomic and geopolitical events that can affect the demand and supply of cryptocurrencies in general. We recommend to assess the risk-reward ratio and market analysis before investing or trading any cryptocurrency.

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