Is Polka Metaverse Scam?

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Polkametaverse claims to be the next-generation decentralized exchange that employs a Layer 2 scalability engine, supports leveraged transactions and offers lower transaction rates in order to improve the NFT ecosystem and become the largest, lowest-rate, and most comprehensive cross-blockchain NFT marketplace.

The decentralized exchange proposes to provide secure trading services at minimal gas and charge rates. To do this, the platform is now transitioning to Layer 2 with the support of StarkWare in order to expand its trade settlement capability.

Peckshield issued a warning regarding the project on January 16th, claiming that @polkametaverse was audited by PeckShield, which is not accurate. The audit report on their website has been falsified.



Only 100,000,000.00 was issued in all. 2,000,000 POKA tokens were handed for free to community members as part of a community airdrop. There are 4,000,000 POKA tokens available for presale at a price of 1 BNB = 20,000 POKA.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the term “airdrop” is becoming increasingly popular.

The Reddit community has been active on this recent airdrop, the discourse is whether the project is legit or not.

Polka Metaverse
Polka Metaverse

Scammers have discovered that airdrops are a perfect way to deceive people because there is a lot of demand from those trying to make quick money. Threat actors transmitted harmful tokens to random crypto wallet holders, according to Metamask, late last year. When account holders are inquisitive about the token, they frequently look it up online. The search would lead them to the threat actor’s malicious website, where unsuspecting consumers would be phished for sensitive online data.

Polkametaverse’s governance token, $POKA, has a limited supply of 100,000,000. 20% of the overall supply is set aside for Airdrop for free.

Why is it a Scam?

Remember we did an article on dXdY scam?

Yes, this one… So basically, the fishiest thing about this one was its name and logo resembled the popular decentralised exchange dYdX. Moreover, the platform also had a fake audit by Peckshield. And this doesn’t end here.

Once, it was out in the crypto community about the scam they were offering, we believe, they changed their name to PolkaMetaverse and started scamming again.

However, I wonder how dumb scammers can be, or the right way to say it, how dumber can the people falling for these scams be. Like they just changed the logo and a few images around the website. They changed the domain, and rest everything is same. They even have another fake audit for this new platform providing airdrops.

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Sanskriti Gupta
Sanskriti Gupta

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