Is TRUMP Coin a Scam? Well, What does it Sound Like?

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TrumpCoin (TRUMP) presents itself as a coin that supports President Donald Trump and his conservative supporters and Patriots. PatriotNodes and PoS mining is used in its crowdfunding blockchain to provide funding and recognition for Patriots.

The TrumpCoin Patriot, according to the whitepaper, values freedom, God, and family, and takes satisfaction in giving to society. They fight corruption, encourage integrity, protect our individual rights in a free society, and respect flags that symbolise freedom around the world. We refuse to be intimidated by leftist organisations. Patriots have given up their time, energy, jobs, families, and lives for the greater good.

Is Trump Coin A Scam?
Is TRUMP Coin a Scam?

Hold on, here comes the fun part!

Peckshield issued a warning regarding the $TRUMP coin on January 9th, stating that it is a high-risk token. Well, even if Peckshield hadn’t alarmed us, what does the name of the coin sound like? And did you guys really forget where do the projects with similar names end up? Remember Squid token?

                           “Stay *AWAY* from it!”

The twitter community reacted to the warning issued by peckshield on a similar note, many said it’s a honeypot scam.

Honeypots are smart contracts with a design flaw that allows an arbitrary user to drain Ether (Ethereum’s native currency) from the contract if the user pays a specific amount of Ether to the contract ahead of time.

Honeypot frauds work because people are routinely duped, just as they are in other types of fraud. As a result, people’s avarice and assumptions make it difficult to measure risk.

Trumpcoin Scam
TrumpCoin Scam

The owner is entitled to an infinite supply of mint. Contracts with limitless mint privileges contain privileged capabilities.

At 1:16 p.m. ET on Thursday, TrumpCoin (TRUMP) was up 18.76 percent to US$0.4619 after the company announced a meme contest in which clients were asked to submit a meme and tag two patriots on social media.

$TRUMP has the potential to print more money, therefore depreciating the entire supply. $TRUMP’s crew is lying a lot about their experience with successful businesses.

TrumpCoin endorsed the Trump administration, despite the fact that the former president was not a cryptocurrency fan, according to Cryptocurrencies, he claims, are “very destructive.”

Melania Trump, on the other hand, is a crypto devotee. Last December, she created her own non-profit organisation, “Melania’s Vision.” She also delivered a heartfelt tribute to Bitcoin on its 13th anniversary this week. She also mentioned that a non-fungible token series is in the works.

In the press, Mrs. Trump’s tweet has received over 8,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. The post has also elicited feedback from the bitcoin community. Anthony Pompliano, the Co-Founder of Morgan Creek Digital, is one of them. Pompliano believes that the former first lady is a Bitcoiner or has ties to the cryptocurrency business.

Mrs. Trump previously announced December 2021 as the launch date for her nonfungible token (NFT) platform. She did, however, lay down Melania’s Vision, her most valuable digital collectible.

Solana blockchain handled the former first lady’s NFT sale, according to her official website. In addition, the auction for the sale will end on Friday.

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