HEATCORE: Converging Bitcoin mining with Aquaculture

A server cabinet, designed by HEATCORE, is the newest mining boiler cabinet, which serves as a heating station as well as a bitcoin mining farm. The 20,000-square-meter structure is air-conditioned. These ten mining boiler cabinets provide the same. While viewing the internal structure, one can see new types of mining boilers in the shape of 2U servers.

One mining boiler cabinet has the ability to provide 130 kw of electricity and 4469 TH/s of computational power. Each mining boiler in the cabinet has a hashrate of up to 248TH/s, and the operation is quite steady. The system’s maximum hashrate is 53.628PH/s, despite the fact that the space required for an air-cooled mining farm is just one-fifth of that required for a water-cooled mining farm.

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App Monitor

This system employs a revolutionary water-cooling technique that involves warm water flowing through the interior of a cold plate covering the surface of chips to remove heat radiated by those chips, and the warm water may be heated to 60 degrees before passing via pipes to reach each room for heating.

This mining boiler cabinet has 18 miners in addition to a boiler. A single power bill covers both heating and mining, allowing for zero-carbon and zero-electricity mining because heating will consume the same amount of electricity. On the huge control panel, you can see every hashrate. The boiler cabinet’s hashrate, the temperature of incoming and exiting water, the pressure rate of each water line, the opening of each valve, and so on.

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