Hackers exploit Arbitrum Discord Server

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Key Takeaways:

  • The official Discord server for Arbitrum has been breached as a developer account was hacked and a phishing link was shared.
  • Such phishing links typically direct unwary victims to a fake website where they are asked to enter personal information, like the secret key to their wallet.

Scammers were able to gain access to one of the channels on Arbitrum’s Discord server two days after the eagerly expected distribution of Arbitrum (ARB) tokens for early adopters and Arbitrum-based decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs).

After hackers were able to insert a phishing link into Arbitrum’s official Discord server, the crypto community issued a caution against fake Arbitrum (ARB) airdrops.

In a tweet on March 25, blockchain security company CertiK alerted the public to a phishing link that had been shared in the Arbitrum Discord server. The business advises the neighbourhood not to click on any links until the Arbitrum team is able to take back possession of the server.

The server security stake increases the likelihood that it would happen again even though the Arbitrum team may have recovered control. Given the condition of their server protection, there is a greater chance that it will occur again. If the level of safety is adequate, a good Knight bot would have stopped this from taking place in the first place. Users of Arbitrum are struggling with hacks and security problems like vanity addresses used by hackers to take ARB tokens during the Arbitrum airdrop.

HideoutNFT’s founder, WickdNFT, stated that an Arbitrum developer was allegedly hacked and shared a phishing link in a Discord chat room.

The phishing statement on Discord mentioned problems with the original token claim drive and presented “the opportunity to re-claim an additional stake in Arbitrum DAO Governance.” The accompanying URL, however, misspelt Arbitrum as “Arbtirum,” which is a phishing attack trick.

The founder of ServerForge, going by the handle Plumferno, also revealed that the attacker has asked the public to reclaim a portion of the governance of the Arbitrum DAO because some claims were overlooked during the original token claim.

It is significant to observe that 82% of the airdrop supply, or more than 964 million Arbitrum (ARB) tokens, have already been acquired.  The ARB price is around $1.25 at the moment.

Arbitrum Airdrop has been causing security concerns for quite some time. On March 20th, it was disclosed that 2,400 Wallets had been compromised in the Arbitrum Airdrop. 

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