Google releases its Ethereum developer blockchain node engine

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Key Takeaways:

  • A cloud-based node engine service from Google is being made available to Ethereum developers and projects.
  • Customers using Google’s service won’t need to employ separate teams to stabilise or watch over their nodes.
  • Google claims that its nodes will also be protected by a VPC firewall.

Blockchain is undoubtedly shifting how the world stores and transmits data and information. In an official blog,  Google introduces its “Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine” to embrace blockchain technology claiming that it is revolutionizing how data is stored and moved worldwide.

Google’s offering, formally known as Blockchain Node Engine, is a completely managed service, indicating clients won’t need to employ separate groups to sustain or keep an eye on their nodes. Google claims that it instead maintains a watch on the nodes and reboots them if something goes wrong.

James Tromans, who oversees Google Cloud Platform’s Web3 product, states that the Blockchain Node Engine will face two major hurdles.  Firstly, the time it necessitates to launch a node and the effort of maintaining it up and running.

Tromans claims that similar services exist, but they come with fewer advantages. The region in which the node is deployed, or who can access your node, for example, cannot be configured if you use a JSON-RPC service.

Google Cloud monitors the nodes and restarts them when appropriate during interruptions. Blockchain Node Engine can free up one’s team to focus on users rather than infrastructure by removing the need for a dedicated DevOps team and by offering the service level agreement (SLA) of Google Cloud.

In addition to giving developers absolute control over where their nodes are deployed, Blockchain Node Engine lessens these pain points. The brand-new blockchain node engine can reduce the need for node operations. Ethereum will be the first blockchain aided by the new engine, the company added. Web3 companies can benefit from simplified provisioning, secure development, and fully-managed operations with the new engine.

 According to Google, the engine’s goal is to support developers in concentrating their resources and time on application innovation and growth. At present, customers who want to protect their blockchain infrastructures only have a few options available to them. Security settings provided by Blockchain Node Engine can aid in preventing unauthorized access to the nodes.

According to Google, its nodes will also be protected by a VPC firewall, which enables users to choose the specific permissions they need. Additionally, customers have the option to select the geolocation of their nodes.

The cryptocurrency market is growing at a rapid rate, and major market players like Google are having a hard time passing up the chance. Google announced its intentions to establish a team dedicated to blockchain technology in January of this year. Three months after the announcement, it was revealed that the Google cloud unit had formed a team to work on related projects and digital assets.

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