aspires to be the Best Smart Contracting Platform

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Key Takeways:

  • adopts new language called Gnolang.
  • Platform to have token for governance as well as staking., founded by Jae Kwon, is all set to soon don the title of the Best Smart Contracting Platform. The platform is a new Blockchain in the Cosmos Ecosystem, and its main aim is to help optimise the consensus process between validators and the completeness of the smart contract language.

The platform adopts a new language called Gnolang, which is a fork of Golang. will also be having a token for governance and staking and a separate one for fees. The governance responsibilities will only be represented by the staking token. The staking token will only be put to use by nodes, validators, and network stakeholders who possess a good understanding of the blockchain.

The end-users of the platform will also be provided with the ability to invest utility tokens used to execute contracts of the blockchain. The tokens, however will be held in the wallet for future usages without having to be wary about inflation. In order to incentivise more people to get on Gno.Land,the platform is rewarding people making the best, most canonical stablecoin implementations in with GNOT’s. plans to make an impact and demonstrate its benefits by writing the best dapps which the founder believes will increase the user base of from solidity by an order of magnitude. will also soon be compatible after launch, says the founder.

“DeFi has the advantage of developer attention. This will prove that web3 development is best in Gnolang, and breath momentum into all the other infrastructure DAOs we should be funding here”, tweets Jae Kwon,the founder of who is very optimistic about the prospects of this new platform.

Jae Kwon, who is currently working on is credited as the founder of Cosmos with Ethan Buchman. He also founded Tendermint in 2014 and later stepped down from the company in the year 2020.

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Saniya Raahath
Saniya Raahath

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