Flexpool is Halting its Service to Russia

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  • FlexPool mining pool said it would cancel service to all Russian IPs and paying out outstanding balances, apologizing to Russian miners for this.
  • Flexpool said if this situation is resolved peacefully it will gladly welcome all Russian miners back and use their personal funds to make amends.
  • The FlexPool mining pool is currently the fourth largest Ethereum mining pool.

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Today Flexpool made an announcement through Reddit. The announcement said that Russia has launched a surprise invasion of Ukraine. The world is once again at war, which could herald the next and possibly final war. This could be the biggest war since World War II, bigger than any of us, and transcends politics and nationality. This is a war taking place at a time when we are dealing with and recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. People are dying, and the world is waiting to see whether the West will intervene or let Ukraine succumb to Putin’s ambitions.

The announcement further said that regardless of our personal political views as a company, we generally do not get involved in politics. This, however, is bigger than politics, bigger than anyone. This is a war that has the potential to end the world. It undoubtedly takes the lives of many innocent people in Eastern Europe. While there is little we can do, profiting from it or indirectly funding it would be wrong. We are terminating service to all Russian IP addresses and resolving any outstanding balances.

Further, the announcement noted that Flexpool sincerely apologises to their Russian miners; many of you oppose the war. However, you are the one who is supporting your country. Russia cannot function without its people. Only by reducing its people’s economic power will we have a chance to influence this war. Flexpool appreciates your loyalty, and they hope you understand that this is not a decision for Flexpool to take lightly. If this situation is resolved peacefully, Flexpool will gladly welcome all Russian miners back and use their personal funds to make amends.

It further noted If you are reading this in Ukraine, know that the entire world is with you. We can’t change the situation on our own. We invite other companies and individuals from around the world to join us in making a difference. This isn’t about politics; it’s about averting the end of the world and saving people’s lives. In the modern era, businesses and individuals must prioritise the environment over profits. Ukraine currently has four nuclear power plants. Even if WW3 is ruled out, there is a chance of another Chernobyl if one of the plants is endangered.

It even said that the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan occurred despite the fact that the plants had been forewarned and built to withstand an earthquake. If the worst happens, everyone in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East are at risk of nuclear fallout. It is important to note that the world will end not because people do something, but because people know but choose to do nothing.

While Flexpool announced to halt its services to Russia, SBF announced on Twitter that it will give $25 to every Ukrainian FTX user. However, there have been comments that SBF is using war for marketing purposes and that he should do more meaningful things, such as provide healthy food.

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