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Where is Firepin token? What is Firepin token? Is Firepin token a scam? Will Firepin be back? What happened to Firepin token? We will answer them all today in this article. Today, this article will resolve all your doubts about Firepin token.
Firepin Token

Firepin token which was once said to be competing with ETH and Solana is now nowhere to be found. The Firepin crypto promised a lot but did it deliver? The community rooting for it’s success is also nowhere seen. So, What exactly happened to Firepin crypto? Was Firepin coin a scam or what? Let’s Find all about Firepin token below:

About Firepin Token

Well, this section is for those ones who do not know about the Firepin Token.

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) was an ecosystem that aimed to create the best crypto community and become the next leader of cryptocurrency.

The FIREPIN Token platform wanted to simplify crypto for newcomers by offering powerful features that made it easy and affordable for everyone to swap crypto assets, mint NFTs, and use the Metaverse. Ethereum (ETH) had many projects on it, which made the cost of transactions and minting NFTs very high and discouraging for the average crypto user.

FRPN was the token of the FIREPIN Token ecosystem, which was the reserve currency on BNB. FRPN could be used on multiple networks, and to ensure price stability, FIREPIN Token used the Algorithmic Reserve Currency mechanism, which was backed by other decentralized assets.

The features of FIREPIN Token were impressive, including the FIREPIN Token Swap, NFTs platform, Rewards, Staking platform, Yield Farming, Metaverse opportunities, and Game Development.

Some analysts also dubbed Firepin token as next king of cryptos.

Firepin token Price

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) had a total supply of 100 billion tokens, of which 30 billion were available for purchase during the presale. The presale phase lasted for a few weeks and saw a remarkable increase in the price of FRPN. The price started at a very low $0.000067 and crossed the $0.0023 mark, which meant a rise of over 400%.

The presale was done in three stages and was very successful for early investors.

As of now, the current price of Firepin crypto stands at $0.

Firepin token Scam or legit?

We tried looking for the official accounts of the Firepin team. The website was not found anywhere. The domain name was put for sale.

Firepin Token

The official telegram handle was also inactive with the name rebranded as Relaunch soon.

Firepin Token (FRPN) was linked to several crypto presale scams that rug pulled their investors earlier that year, such as Seesaw (SSW), BoostX, Pacman Frog, Degrain, Caprice Finance, Logarithmic, Gnox and others. Firepin Token (FRPN) had an anonymous team and used the same mailing list as the previous scams. Therefore, it was advisable to do their own research and be careful before investing in Firepin Token (FRPN).


Well, we can say Firepin token was a scam that promised a lot but never delivered. Firepin token was hyped a lot with plenty of advertisement and was able to dump all tokens to investors who were looking to make quick money.

Quick and easy money is always doubtful and you should never be fully invested in these coins. If you want to take risks, only consider putting a small amount in them.

We also previously talked about another much hyped scam called pancat crypto.

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