Epic Games will not Follow the NFT ban Imposed on Minecraft

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Key Takeaways:

  • When Minecraft forbade NFT and cryptocurrency, the founder of Epic Games expressed his support for it.
  • The NFT community viewed the action badly, but the group of gamers who are dubious of cryptocurrency saw it favorably.
  • Due to Mojang Studios’ NFT ban, NFT Worlds now confronts a significant obstacle.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, stated that his company “definitely won’t” ban Non-Fungible tokens like the makers of Minecraft did.

Minecraft’s creators, Mojang Studios, said earlier this week that they will prohibit NFTs and Blockchain technology. They were permanently prohibited from use in the game or its servers after the studio deemed they “did not correspond with Minecraft ideals.”

The action received plaudits from the group of gamers who are crypto-skeptics, but it was considered highly contentious in the NFT community.

Many others anticipated that by setting an example and announcing their own bans, these businesses would encourage others in the sector. So, a fan yesterday asked Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney for his thoughts on the subject on social media.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO, argues that developers should have the freedom to choose how to create their games and whether or not to let players play them.

In my opinion, businesses and the creators of operating systems shouldn’t impose their opinions on others.” On his official Twitter, Sweeney responded to messages from users with, “We most surely won’t.”

Next, Sweeney was questioned about the distinction between banning hate speech and discrimination on their platform and permitting NFTS, which many people also consider being harmful.

“All of these judgments are editorial and brand-related. A store may decide to host anything that is lawful without passing judgment on it, or it may decide to reject games that violate social norms, as we do, or it may decide to accept only games that uphold the owner’s personal values.”

Tim Sweeney also noted the complexity of encryption. Everybody should come to their own conclusions, good or bad.

While the CEO of Epic Games stated that the firm does not necessarily endorse cryptocurrencies or NFTs, it does not plan to forbid NFTs like Minecraft and would instead let players make their own decisions.

He continued, “A store might choose to make no such judgments and host everything that is legal, choose to draw the line at mainstream acceptable norms like we do, or accept just games that conform to the owner’s own convictions.

NFT Worlds, a project that was created on one of Minecraft’s open source servers, now faces a huge challenge as a result of Mojang Studios’ NFT prohibition.

The community-driven play-to-earn (P2E) platform has a whole cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem built around it, and its NFTs currently generate 51,000 ETH or $80.8 million in trading volume.

Following the Mojang bombshell, the NFT Worlds team said that it is currently “brainstorming solutions” for what to do next. The group claimed that it is seeking to get in touch with Minecraft to see if a solution can be found. If not, migrating to the GameFi platform or a “Minecraft-like game engine” has been recommended as an option.

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