El Salvador Prez won’t be attending Bitcoin 2022 Conference

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After the huge announcement made during last year’s conference, people were looking forward to having El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele as a speaker at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference which is scheduled to be held in Miami. But the speaker canceled his plans to appear at the conference and sent a letter to the conference organizers to explain the same.

We have no in-depth explanation for the cancellation. However, Bukele cited “unforeseen circumstances” in his country due to which he had to take this step. People are speculating that this could also point to the increasing gang violence cases as reported in the news of the country. This also made the country go into a state of emergency on March 27. El Salvador is actively embroiled in a severe struggle against “maras,” or criminal gangs. The Legislative Body suspended fundamental rights for 30 days after 62 people were killed in killings blamed on a local mara.

During the afternoon of April 6, an English-language letter from Bukele addressing conference attendees began spreading on social media. “I have just made the hard decision of canceling my participation in the conference due to unforeseen circumstances in my home country that require my full-time presence as President of a Nation,” Bukele corresponded.

The official page of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference also shared the news via Twitter. 

Last year, Bukele made the announcement that El Salvador will accept bitcoin as legal tender in the country which brought new waves of change and talks to the crypto space. It left people wondering what could he announce at this year’s conference.

Some have wondered if Bukele will provide an update on the so-called bitcoin bonds, which were supposed to launch in March but were postponed without a new date. He was set to speak before Strike CEO Jack Mallers on Thursday afternoon.

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Vidhi Narula
Vidhi Narula

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