Earn $50K Rewards in Delta Exchange’s Refer-A-Friend Reward Program

Crypto options trading is becoming extremely popular among traders, and the crypto community has had Delta Exchange lead the crypto options movement for a long now. The exchange has witnessed significant options trading volumes since the past year for the simple reason that its options offerings resonate with retail investors.

Delta Exchange believes that retail and professional traders will drive the next leg of growth in crypto options trading. It’s why the team has come up with a huge referral program for both new and current traders on the platform to invite even more traders for trading options and make it more lucrative and rewarding for the users on the platform. The Refer-A-Friend Rewards Program will allow traders to earn up to $50k Delta cash rewards by referring Delta Exchange to new traders to do options volume on the exchange and partake in the options trading movement. Let’s learn more about the program.

Refer-A-Friend Reward Program
Refer-A-Friend Reward Program

What should a trader do to earn rewards under the program?

Under the Refer-A-Friend program, any trader, both current or new, can refer friends or new traders to do options trading on the platform and claim offer reward for the referrals. Every trader, whether futures, options, or spot trader, is eligible for the program. 

To get the referral link, you need to go to the referral dashboard, copy the referral link and share it with your friends.  

My Referral Links
My Referral Links

What are the rewards on offer?

A trader can earn referral rewards of up to $175 Delta cash on every referral they make, depending on the options volume the referred trader transacts on the exchange. This means that the rewards per referral will increase with rising options volume done until 31st March 2022 per referral. The table below shows the reward distribution based on the options volume done by the referred trader. 

Rewards Volume

To understand the reward distribution system better, let’s use an example. Suppose you referred trader A, you would be eligible to win rewards on whatever options volume they do till 31st March 2022. If trader A does $100K options trading on 28th February, $200K till 5th March, and by 31st March, their total options trading volume amounts to $470K, the total rewards you will earn will be $15+$15+$15+$15=$60 Delta cash. The rewards will be added for crossing every successive limit as per the table.

The highest reward a trader can earn on a single referral is $175 Delta cash, which can be used to pay trading fees on the platform. Maximum earnings per user are capped at $50,000 in a lifetime. The offer is valid on options trading volume done by referrals till 31st March 2022 only.

Any trader interested in tracking their Delta cash earnings and the Net Effective Volume of their referrals can do so via the affiliate dashboard. The Net Effective Volume is calculated by multiplying Notional Volume with Options Delta. The effective volume will be considered for only those referral traders who joined after the offer was launched.

Net Effective Volume Earned By Friends/Referrals
Net Effective Volume earned by Friends/Referrals
Delta Cash Earnings
Delta Cash Earnings

About Delta Exchange

One of the leading derivatives exchanges, Delta Exchange has always been far ahead in the competition offering innovative products in options trading with up to 100x leverage in over 60 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BNB, ETH, BCH, LTC, LInK, etc. Having become the go-to exchange for traders interested in derivatives trading, the exchange witnesses $20 billion monthly trading volumes.  

If you are already a derivatives trader on Delta Exchange, grab this brilliant opportunity to partake in the biggest referral reward programs. If not, join Delta Exchange (maybe, via a referral from one of your trader friends), trade options using Delta Exchange’s highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, and yes, don’t forget to refer Delta Exchange to more of your friends and earn attractive rewards. Let the world know!

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